Monday, October 10, 2011

So this is what a good trainer looks like

True motivation comes in many different forms and mysterious ways. Sometimes we hold ourselves back from seeing it because we make excuses for other people, at least that was my problem.

I recently started with a new trainer- and she is fantastic and exactly what I have always looked for but never got with my old trainer. I'm beginning to realize that all he did for me was get me started on a lifting schedule. O yeah, and possibly caused (according to my doctor) a major injury that had me in pain for 4 months and out of normal commission for 6 months. That's what everyone expects out of a personal trainer, right?

The entire time I worked with him I made excuses for him- o well, he has a lot on his plate, that's why he's not paying attention to me. Or- I need to count my reps, that's not his job. Or- I have to ask for new exercises, how is he going to know I'm bored to tears? Or- I don't need him to encourage me or cheer me on, I get that from my friends. Or- I'm in pain and he's telling me to push through it, but I have to trust him because he's my personal trainer. WHAT WAS I THINKING???

Now that I have a REAL personal trainer I understand just how much I was hurting myself by making excuses for him an d "sticking it out" with him. Emily is everything that he was lacking, plus she is somebody that I have always admired for her overall fitness. For the past year I have seen her do different specific exercises that I thought were wicked cool- whether they be on the bosu or medicine ball v-ups and wished that someday I could be that fit and do those cool exercises. Well guess what- that day is almost here! I love that she has me do workouts that she does- it makes me feel like I must be pretty fit because she is in awesome shape. I'm even doing v-up crunches- on the mat and now on the bench (holy scary awesome)-which have always made me run crying in the other direction. Pilates? That's a seriously scary avenue that I never thought I would cross since my first disastrous attempt back in high school.

So, thank you Emily! Because of your support, I have been on a MAJOR roll. Since September 1st, I have lost 13 lbs!! I haven't come close to that pace since the beginning of my weight loss journey. I know that your wicked awesome spin class and great personal training has helped me reach this newest level of motivation for me to keep going on this journey.

Now I just have to keep this momentum going because this time next year I want to be competing in my first half-marathon. Can I do it? YES I CAN!


  1. What exactly does a personal trainer do, and how much do they cost?

  2. Even better than the first! Why don't you just write a book already, you blindingly bright ray of inspiration, you! :-p

  3. Great insight into what a personal trainer should and should NOT do. I loved your comment about how your trainer has you do exercises that she herself does so you know that 1) they must work and 2) you're pretty damn fit yourself.

  4. I have been trying for months to do V-ups. You're a champ!

  5. Lauren- Cost varies between different gyms and personal trainers and also depending on what you are looking for, whether it be one-on-one or group training. A personal trainer helps develop a fitness plan for you depending on your needs and should also be involved with your diet as well.

    thanks everyone for the encouragement! :)

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