Thursday, November 14, 2013

Interesting flight

I had one of the most fascinating and thought provoking conversation with a stranger tonight on the plane ride home from Atlanta, GA.... To sum up quickly how I am feeling right now:

This person reminded me of the importance of this.  If I had let the fear of striking out take over there is no way I would have lost 50 lbs, let alone 250.  Losing weight is a difficult and scary thing no matter how much need to lose.   Starting a weight loss journey knowing you have to lose 200+'s terrifying,  overwhelming, intimidating, intense, and at times seems just plain impossible.  As I was talking about my blog, I was reminded of the theme of my blog: No more excuses.  Ever since my foot injury in July, I've been letting a lot of excuses get in the way of fitting in more activity....I'm feet hurt...I miss running....and on and on.  I've let them bog me down and affect my mood instead of standing up and figuring out what I could have been doing instead of sulking.

But, I passed that hump 2 weeks ago, and now I know one thing for a fact:

To be continued...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Yes, I am alive!

Holy cow...somehow I missed posting the entire month of October! In all the time I've had this blog, I don't think I've gone post-less in that long of an amount of time...


I've had a roller coaster of a month, however mostly good- and VERY BUSY....and I'm going to sum it up with a bunch of pictures.  We all love pictures ;)

Celebrating my husband's birthday! 9/28 (his bday is 10/1)
At Adrian's cousin's wedding 9/29
 Major Presentation so gotta wear a major outfit! 10/1
Here is a great fb status on 10/8 that really signaled a turning point for me mentally: "I am taking a stand that I am done feeling sorry for myself because I can't run.  There are a lot of other things I can do until my feet are better and my elbow is improving daily. 2 days ina row with good workouts, it's a start."

I've been walking a lot more since this and have been more consistent about my workouts.  You can check daily mile to see! :)

Photo: Ding showing his regal feline grace at Banfield
Ding approves! Not so much going to the vet though....10/8
That is the mess of cleaning up and dealing with a leak in our roof...stress! 10/11
Helping at Fair Hill International on Dressage day with my mom! 10/18
Out-riding at FHI on Cross country day- 8 hrs on Dancer! 10/19
Spent a week at the USA Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY for work. Might have been a bit excited ;) 10/21
Torino 2006 Olympic Torch! 10/22
Time to bobsled! O YEAH! 10/23
And Skeleton! That small sled behind me- that's what I went down an icy tunnel through, on my stomach, head first.
And we learned how to curl! Love this in motion shot! 10/24
Pearl Jam show in Baltimore!!! With Adrian and Tanya in this picture 10/27
Halloween fun in Baltimore! 10/31
And this weekend, Jen Huang has been in town from New York City!  It's been awesome hanging out with her, and her cousin Yao!!

Hiking at Gunpowder Falls State Park 11/2
Horses! 11/3

Busy busy month!!  One other thing that happened this month... I became a Silpada Rep! A few months ago I hosted a jewelry party with Silpada and had a blast- and ended up with $350 of free jewelry! Totally awesome! After attending other parties and looking for another way to help fund our new house projects, I decided to become a rep. Combining my love of jewelry and fashion with partying with awesome ladies- easy choice.  Well, not totally easy....I debated of course because that's what I do before making a big decision, but I'm glad I decided to say yes!  The jewelry is beautiful and the support I've gotten from my "Silpada Sisters" has been awesome!

Such pretty jewelry!
 Check out the pretty sparkly here!  Please reach out if you are interested in ordering some pretty jewelry, hosting a party ( you can do online, catalog parties, too and still get all the awesome free jewerly!), or become a rep- it's fun!