Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sore Muscles: Happy Pain

Whoa...I've been a bad blogger lately- sorry!  I know, it's an excuse but life has been crazy lately and I've been so busy with work and general life stuff.

But I wanted to swing by to say....

Yeah...I am SORE right now.  Friday I did what has been my normal legs strength training routine since physical therapy for my hamstring injury.  It hits all the leg muscles and I don't use any extra weights because of my arms- just the bands.  I did 2 sets of each:  

- Sidesteps with hard band 

- Traveling lunges 

-  Bosu squats (love the bosu, so great for balance)

- Clamshells- 3 progressively difficult variations with hard band on each side

- Abs series to finish it out.  Including: roll-ups, standard crunches, bicycles, oblique crunches, and scissors.  2 sets of 15 of each exercise.  An extra set of standard crunches at the end.

So after some dancing Friday night that I'm sure just encouraged the quads feel like they are raw meat.  I did bust out an old workout today since I didn't have time to go on a long walk like I wanted.....P90X Ab Ripper X.  It was positively brutal as I was expecting and wanting.  A bit more taxing on my legs than I was anticipating, but not too bad.  My abs however....they were crying by the last set. Tears in the form of sweat....the best kind.  Hoping that by tomorrow I can walk normally cause I need to get a long run in....


  1. Good for you! How's the house coming along? And before/after pics???

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