Sunday, April 28, 2013

I was on TV!!!

Yeah....the local NBC station did a feature story on me- it aired on Thursday.....and here ya go!

260 Pounds Gone!

It was done by WBAL in Baltimore and it became so popular, it got onto AOL most popular! I saw it when it was at #12.... The only thing that is kinda hard to stomach is some of the nasty comments on there.  Luckily there aren't many, and most are nice and encouraging.  But ouch- some people are just mean!

So, please go check it out- let me know what you think!  I haven't mentioned it here yet because I was scared- I didn't want to jinx it!  I've been worked up before about things and potential media coverage and then nothing happens.  It was so disappointing when the People Magazine thing didn't pan out, and more recently with a work thing.  But this for real happened, wild!

What's the most amazing to me is how 3 hours of taping can be condensed into less than 3 minutes of  They interviewed my husband and I for an hour, then spent another hour taping teasers, cut outs, fill ins, etc.  The photographer also came to a weight watchers meeting! That was pretty cool, so check out the link and see! :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Run for Boston

Did anyone else do this today?  All the local running stores were holding "Run for Boston," some silent runs.  It's been a week since the tragedy happened and somehow I still feel sick to my stomach every time I hear about it or think about it.

It's interesting how sometimes your friends know you better than you know yourself.... This weekend Adrian was busy with work on Saturday night and I could just picture a major binge happening if I didn't stay away from my house.  After a great horseback ride with my mom (the first ride since my surgery!! Wahooo!!), I met up with some friends for sushi.  I got this really tasty, banana roll that had eel and you guessed it- banana! It was like a desert roll and DELICIOUS.  So glad a friend suggested, and that I have been converted to sushi and the deliciousness it offers :)


After dinner, we headed over to a friend's place for some games.  Before we got started, I was sharing with Jen all the crap that's been loading on me lately.  I can't talk about it on here because of confidentiality, but it's really been causing me added stress.  And then I just can't seem to stop thinking about what happened in Boston and how screwed up it is.  If coverage is on tv I get sucked in BAD, so I've been trying not to even watch tv.  But Jen nailed it on the head exactly what I couldn't quite put words to before-  these runners, who run the Boston marathon, who were so tragically affected by this tragedy.....they are my "heroes."  They are people I look up to on a real level, not just some fictional character from far away or in a comic book.  It's been a goal of mine for at least a year to complete a marathon.  The idea of competing at Boston is a huge dream of be that good to qualify to get there- wow!!  Definitely something I look up to and admire to all those that accomplish that goal of competing in Boston.  So, it just hit me harder than I would have thought because it's just too close to home, too close to a dream.

Having said that, I have never felt stronger before that I WANT to run Boston.  Even if it takes me 20 years, I WILL run Boston.  Because I'm a fighter.  When I struggle, I don't just take it laying down.  I stand up and fight against people or things that are trying to hold me- just like the people in Boston.  I run for Boston.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tough week

This week has been....good in some ways and terrible in others.

Work is good....there's potential for it to be majorly good soon and make my daily work life happier- but not sure yet.  I can't talk about it anymore than that just in case somebody from work reads this.  But what I can talk about is that I was in Pittsburgh this week for a meeting and some hospital visits.

First off, security has been tighter (duh) and at BWI on Tuesday they actually grilled me a bit on my drivers license- it was interesting.  I also had to show it and my boarding pass to at least 3 separate people.  Normally once you show it once, they tell you to put it away until you get to your gate, so that was interesting.  Security in Pittsburgh was nothing different and went smoothly today.  What didn't go smoothly- my darn flight is majorly.  I should be at my house by now, typing this post from my cozy couch.  But instead, I'm sitting in the airport waiting through this 2.5+ hour delay.....yeah.  My flight was supposed to take off at 5:55pm, It's new estimated departure time is 8:40 make that 8:55pm!!! As I was about to finish this entry, it got delayed AGAIN.  So....that's a 3 hour delay!  I hope it doesn't get worse....

Ok so the bad part about this week.....I have been in a FUNK.  A bad funk, that seems to take over my senses when it comes to food and exercise choices.  I have some examples (duh):

1.  Tuesday's dinner was good- a simply grill half portion of tilapia from Red Lobster with double brocolli and a side salad.  And then....they had to throw in 3 of their sinful garlic biscuits into my to-go bag. THREE!!  The devils!  So what did I do?  Of course, I ate them all.  Like...savored every single crumb.  It was pathetic.  It's been at least a year since I went that biscuit crazy!

sinfully delicious

2.  After picking up my dinner on Tuesday (before I knew about the biscuits), I decided I deserved a treat to go with my healthy dinner.  There were fresh baked peanut butter cookies in the lobby.  Did I get 1?  No, I went for 2 of those delectable creations.  Even after the biscuit episode, I chowed down like they were the last cookies known on the planet.

flourless peanut butter cookies
Just try and resist me!

3. Tuesday....yeah it just keeps piling on.  I didn't work out. At all.  I had plenty of time when I got done with my hospital visits and got checked into my hotel.  I kept putting it off, then was going to work out after dinner.  But after the biscuits and cookies my head said- why workout you crazy woman?  Instead I did this:

Hello TV!
4.  I woke up Wednesday ready to burn off the binge that was last night.  I get on the treadmill nice and early with plenty of time for a run, I warm up....and then I just...don't run.  I honestly can't explain it.  Somewhere during my warmup I got it into my head that I should just do an incline walking workout.  It's not that this is a bad workout, don't get me wrong....but I just stuffed my face with MAJOR calories the night before and I needed to run.  I promised myself I would get another workout in after my meeting.  (If you think I did, you must be outside your mind at this point).

5.  Wednesday night, as if the Tuesday night fiasco was not enough, I ordered out from Olive Garden. My favorite low calorie meal there is awesome, and under 10 Points Plus.  I meant to ask for no bread but they gave me FOUR breadsticks.  FOUR.  WHY WOULD ONE PERSON NEED FOUR BREADSTICKS?!!?  I started with just 1....then something took over my body and demanded I eat another one...and another one before I came to my senses and poured water on the last one and threw it in the trash.  Ridiculous Colleen, ridiculous.  My stomach turned and made crazy noises the entire night while my entire digestive system revolted.  There was no getting on the treadmill now because I was back and forth from the bathroom the majority of the night.  Fantastic.

me likey breadsticks!

Today I snapped out of it and was on the elliptical for 70 minutes. Then did a solid 10 minutes of hard abs. BAM!!  I felt like I was back for the first time since the bombs went off in Boston.  I've felt slightly zombie like since then, but that hard and heavy sweat finally broke whatever was going on in my head.  During this enormous wait at the airport, I spent the first 30 minutes just walking the airport.  It was great.  I felt like I was back to my normal self.  I also went to a weight watchers meeting today, which helped my head get back in the game.

Ok....time to head over for boarding soon so I'm signing off.  Hope everyone got to enjoy some nice weather today- it was 85 in Pittsburgh today!

What do you do to snap out of a funk?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Unspeakable tragedy

At about 4:30pm this afternoon I had just finished several hours slaving over a big project for work.  I resurfaced for a few minutes and logged onto Facebook....where every single post was about this...

I'm sure there isn't a single person at this point that hasn't heard about the tragedy that befell the poor people participating and supporting runners at the Boston Marathon.  First off, it's so tragic because of what happened- the lives lost, the numerous people injured, people changed forever after witnessing such graphic tragedy.  And then there is the secondary pain that every runner or fitness lover is experiencing who understands what the Boston Marathon really means to those competing.  You can't just sign up for Boston- you have to qualify.  Many people train for years to qualify then even more time to prepare for Boston and it's challenging and legendary course.  What should have been a time for celebration of a great accomplishment turned into a nightmare for so many.  The bombs went off around the 4 hour mark- what many would consider a good time for completing 26.2 miles.  Meaning there were still thousands of runners on the course, initially ignorant to what awaited them at the finish line.

When I first started watching the coverage, what had been a productive day quickly halted and there seemed to be nothing else more important then trying to make sense of what happened.  But, there is no making sense of such a terrible act.  All I wanted to do was curl up under a fuzzy blanket, hold my running shoes and cry for all those in Boston.

And then I saw a great interview that brought me to full blown tears.  It was a local interview of the Loyola College cross country coach talking about how running is accessible to everyone regardless of sex, age, ability, etc.  How it brings people together from all walks of life- joined by their mutual love of running.  The freedom, the wind in your hair, the glorious endorphin high.  It really had me appreciating everything that I have and that I CAN RUN.

So, that's exactly what I did.  I laced up my running shoes, and headed to the gym with Adrian and we ran.  Even though my whole body told me it didn't want to run- my heart was screaming that it was the only thing I could do.  And now that I pounded out a quick, easy run on the treadmill I am reminded again of the joy of running.  I am so grateful that I was able to enjoy it and think about all the people affected by the tragedy in Boston. My heart and prayers go out to all those affected.


Monday, April 8, 2013

New fruit find!!

O my goodness....this weekend I discovered one of my new favorite fruits- kiwiberries!  On a whim, I saw these in my grocery store, and thought- why not, I love kiwi, and these are marketed as an easy to eat version!

After just one bite, I knew I was sunk- it just exploded in delicious, juicy flavor in my mouth!  They are sweeter then kiwis, and you can just pop them in your mouth like grapes! So, none of the annoying peeling that you have to do with a kiwi.  Unfortunately, they are expensive....this tiny little container with maybe 10 little kiwiberries was $4.99 (I think, either that or $3.99).  You might be reading that and think I'm totally bonkers for even purchasing....but then you might not fully understand my fruit obsession.  At any time, these are some of the must have fruits in my kitchen....

I love all melons, honeydew and cantaloupe are staples to me!
Berries are a great natural antioxidant!  Strawberries are a non-negotiable.
Grapes are such an easy and filling snack- my favorite is green!
Bananas are my favorite just woke up snack and post workout.  Brain food!

I love all apples, except Red Delicious. Not so delicious...
So yeah....and I didn't even mention the other fruit I have most of the time- pears, nectarines, and watermelon.  I also get mangos, clementines, and kiwis sometimes- maybe 1-2 a month.

My name is Colleen, and I have a fruit addiction.  The first step is admitting, right?  Well, I don't want to fix this particular ailment because it's great to be a fruit addict, just a bit expensive....

What's your favorite fruit?  Tried something lately? Share!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Settling back in

Ok, enough house talk for a while, sorry if I bored you guys with all that! It's been a really exciting couple months house hunting, then buying, and now all the work on the house itself.  I can't help but be consumed by it all!

It's starting to settle down a bit now that we are unpacking and most of our furniture has arrived.  We have some little projects left but as many people suggested- we need to remember to take baby steps!  It's hard to remember to take things slow when all I want to do is get everything done immediately.

This week has been a good workout week.  I've been alternating between elliptical and running for cardio, and my legs and lungs seem to like the variation.  I'm working on building up my mileage while wearing my Marrell Dash Gloves, which means my calves are super tight and I've been focusing on recovery almost as much as running. As I've learned over this journey, when I take things out of my routine that I know are important, like recovery, I quickly regret it.  I've been stretching not just at the end of my workout like usual but also after a quick warm up, which I hope will help with. I've also been adding in my three favorite/hated recovery tools:

Foam Roller
Massage Stick
Rumble Roller

I've been using both my high density foam roller and the rumble roller on different areas.  My IT bands can't quite handle the rumble yet- I'm working my way up to it, so I have been also including the massage stick on that area, and both the front and back of my calves.  But, my glutes- they LOVE the rumble.  I have been quite careful about foam rolling, though, because many of the rolling moves require me to hold myself up by my arms- which of course is challenging and can be painful.  Hence the extra massage sticking I have been doing for certain areas.  But, my glutes can never get enough foam/rumble rolling, they are always tight and in knots.

I also need to figure out a better schedule, that I can stick to consistently, concerning my strength training.  I've been trying to fit it in more, but it's been about once a week instead of the preferred 2-3 times a week.  I   know how important it is for not just my fitness, but my running training and ability to keep injuries at bay.  I will make it happen!

What is your recovery routine?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We've done a lot!

As we get settled into the new house, I've still been feeling quite overwhelmed by everything left to do.  I've really appreciated the comments and emails with advice on new home ownership, so thank you!  I have been trying to keep in mind the resounding theme- take it slow with repairs and don't do too much at once.

The big things that we have accomplished (aka our we rock list):

1. Changed all the outlets (except 3 in the basement, I will get to that this weekend).  In case you are ever thinking to yourself as you are painting....I can just paint over the outlets- DON'T!  These dummies painted over EVER SINGLE outlet in the house, some multiple times.  This is dangerous because paint is a conductor, so a simple spark can start a fire. The other giant pain is that the paint acts like glue on and around the outlet, so taking the plates off is a PAIN.  Yeah, imagine hours of razoring off paint and getting really frustrated....and that's just to take the plates off, then you have to replace all the conduits.  Kevin taught me how to replace the conduits which was awesome, but I would say overall we spent somewhere between 8-10 hours fully replacing 20 outlets on the main floor. Wowsers!  But they are no safe to use

It's a mess

2. Scrubbed the walls with TSP cleaner to get the tobacco streaks off it and prepped for painting.  O the challenges of buying a house from somebody who smoked... I'm grateful we had my Uncle John who answered all the MANY painting questions we had and guided us to this magical cleaner.

3. Painted. A lot.  2 coats of paint in the living room, dining room, kitchen, hallways, entryway, and master bedroom.  Aka the first floor minus 2 bedrooms and the bathroom.  The master was a lavender purple that Adrian hated (I love purple, but I get why he didn't like it- you can see it a little below) and the rest of the area was this seafoam green that definitely looked very dated.  We were work horses and did this in three shifts- a Tuesday evening (after work) for the first coat on the master bedroom, then all day Saturday and Sunday (with help from my brother!).  I am seriously impressed with Adrian and I for getting this done!

Adrian rocking the roller in the Master

4. Had the air ducts professionally cleaned and carpets scrubbed.  Wow, the difference in the smell afterwards has been profound.  I'm so glad we did it, even though it cost us a pretty penny.

5. Changed the locks. We still have 2 more doors to do, because we had some issues with the backdoor when we tried to change it on day 1.

6. Cleaned. And then some more....

Now that I've listed it out a bit, wow....we've done a lot!  Feeling better about how much we've done so far- we are awesome!

In fitness news, I haven't been able to fit in as many workouts as I like over the past 2 weeks, and I can feel the difference.  I gained a few lbs and it's down right annoying me because I keep making decisions that aren't the best, which just makes it worse.  My nighttime snacking has amped back up and I am having trouble controlling my snacking throughout the day.  I'm thinking of going off maintenance mode on WW and dropping my points back into losing mode to get myself back into the tighter control that I prefer.  I am all about the flexibility of maintenance, and part of that is going back into losing mode for a little if I need to.  Breath and reboot!

What great thing have you accomplished this week?