Thursday, November 29, 2012


This week has been very weird.  In some ways it was good and in other ways it has been uber frustrating.

If you read about the tennis elbow update during my last post you can guess one of my biggest health frustrations this week.  Well, after having the injection which was supposed to make the pain go away for a while....I woke up the next morning (Wednesday) with pain radiating from my elbow.  Not cool.  I kept doing research and have decided I really only have one option:


So, now I am just waiting to hear back from my doctor about what the next steps are.  It's going to suck having to miss some work and some workout time but I am hopeful that the 90% success rate won't leave me in the cold but instead happily feeling better and killing it in the gym- and with P90X2.

Wednesday I was up and out of the house super duper early for work, which meant I got home earlier than usual so squeezed in P90X Plyo before my weight watchers meeting.  It was probably one of the best efforts I've put into a workout like that by myself before.  Sometimes doing the dvds at home by myself I lose some of my umph but that hasn't been the case lately. YES.

I was feeling pumped and excited to weigh in.....and then I GAINED 2.8 LBS.  Yeah, you read that correctly.  Usually when I gain I feel sadness and frustration.  This time I was ANGRY.  PISSED.  Yes, I enjoyed Thanksgiving a little more than planned.  But that was one day!  The other variable may be might tight calves that led to rest days on both Monday and Tuesday.  But, I killed all my workouts on all the other days and ate very clean and light on Monday and Tuesday to compensate for the rest day.  Sometimes I just HATE the scale.