Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday filled with family, fun and delicious food! :)

I started out my day with a great spin workout with the same instructor who killed me at the advanced step class.  I did spin on Wednesday as well with a different instructor and both classes I totally rocked it out, sweated hard, and loved every minute of it.  Tuesday morning was a great workout, too.  Went back to P90X Plyo with Brianne and we dominated that workout!  Good to go back to Tony Horton (my secret bf that my husband seems to be supportive of since he got me a personalized autograph) and be able to really keep up and kill it.   My hamstring pain is a thing of the past and I'm proud to say I killed that workout in my Merrell Dash Gloves.  No more cushy padded shoes for me.....except maybe during spin.  I wore my Asics because I could feel the pedal way too much in my Merrell's to the point that it hurt the ball of my foot.  Glad I brought them just in case.

Just in case you needed a reminder....
 So...onto Thanksgiving.  It was a pretty packed day and went well overall, I think.  After a great workout and quick shower, Adrian and I headed out onto the traffic filled roads for his parents.  I brought along brunch via a fruit smoothie so I wouldn't arrive hungry.   I must say, I was VERY nervous about this first part of the day because it was going to set the stage for the rest.   His parents were really thoughtful and laid out veggies, hummus, and pita chips specifically so I could eat something.  And even better (not sure if this was on purpose but they can take the credit), the food stayed in the dining room while we were in the living room watching Star Trek: the next generation episodes.  His dad kept asking me if I wanted anything but was nice about it.  Overall I had about 5 carrot sticks, 5 celery sticks and about 1/2 tsp of hummus.  For somebody that LOVES hummus and especially pita chips- this was a huge victory.  Go me!

Our next stop was my Great Aunt Ann's house on my step-dad's side.  We always go there for Thanksgiving every year and it's pretty much the only time that side of the family gets together so I look forward to it each year.  Plus Aunt Ann and Ann Marie (her daughter) do an amazing job each year on dinner and all the fixings.  The stuffing Ann Marie made was with pecans. It was heavenly.

And ultimately the stuffing was my demise.  I had control at dinner but then I made a big mistake- I took leftovers home.  Bad, bad Colleen.  I have never done this in the past and don't know what possessed me to say yes this time.  By the time we got home I was hungry and somehow ended up in the kitchen, with the stuffing open and before I knew it I had completely demolished it and had a totally out of body experience. 

And yeah...that's the affect stuffing has on me and why I only have it on special holidays.  And will never again take any leftovers home.

You evil delicious treat

Also there was a lot of desserts at Thanksgiving as always.  I had a sliver of cherry pie, blueberry pie, and banana cream pie- all adding up to about a slice.  Then I had like....5 little mint chocolate crisps.  To die for amazing.  Mint + Chocolate is almost as good and peanut butter and chocolate.   O, how I wish I could just eat desserts all day and not get sick or gain a crap ton of weight.  Darn me and my sweet tooth....

What is your favorite holiday food?


  1. My favorite holiday food would have to be my dad's stuffing, which was my granfather's stuffing and the recipe originated in Puerto Rico. But the desserts get me every time, too!

  2. Hey Colleen, it's Michelle Windle. I love reading your blog. It serves as an inspiration to get control over what I eat, which is a personal challenge for me. I too struggle with leftovers. I had a very kind aunt give me an ENORMOUS cheesecake, which she does every year. Last year, I ate a piece of cheesecake every time I opened the refrigerator, which was bad bad bad. This year, I froze each piece, individually, so I feel no pressure to eat it. 8 ppv per piece of cake!

    My favorite holiday food is also stuffing. My mom makes it with lots of fruits and nuts. It is my absolute favorite food in the world.

    1. Thanks Michelle! Stuffing is popular indeed! And that is a GREAT idea about freezing each piece....will definitely have to try that in the future!

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    1. O sweet potatoes, you hold no draw for me unless you are in the fried variety!