Sunday, October 9, 2011

To run or not to run?

Can I really be a runner? The answer is yet to be told...

I follow this amazing guy, who is working from almost 500lbs to running a marathon. He is so inspiring and has lost over 200 lbs with ww and exercise- running in particular. This past weekend he completed his first half-marathon in 3 hrs and 15 minutes. Wow, awesome!! I used to hate the mantra "If I can do it, you can do it" but darn it- if he did it, can't I?

I've participated in a few fundraising 5ks in the past 2 years- but walking all of them, typically chatting with my adorable husband throughout. But about two weeks ago, Deb (the director of the YWCA) approached me because I had volunteered for the Encore 5k and they didn't need anymore volunteers. She was very simple and direct in asking me what was keeping me from running it. I had all my good excuses in my head ready and then I remembered that she had battled and beaten breast cancer. Anything I said as to why I wasn't running would simply be lame. Here she was touting me as an inspiration with my picture up near the entrance of the YWCA encouraging people to work out and reach their goals- and I was scared of a 5k? Really my excuses were just that- excuses. All excuses do is get you nowhere and fast. I finally stopped being a pansy, stepped up to the plate and registered for the 5k.

I ran my first REAL 5k this weekend, the Encore Breast Cancer Awareness 5k in Gettysburg. My time was 42:14. When I saw this number I was at first embarrassed by it and hated that it was going to be forever captured on the YWCA website. My friends and husband were cheering me on and congratulating me and I was focusing on putting my time down and how I could have done better if I had just kept running up those brutal hills. And then it hit me - this isn't a bad time, this is a personal best. My last competition time was during my run portion of the YWCA indoor sprint triathlon-at somewhere a little over 46 minutes. I didn't just beat my PR- I crushed it! I might not be where I want to be- but I've made huge progress and I have to acknowledge that and not be so hard on myself.

So can I be a runner? Of course I can! I need to leave my excuses at the door, push through my mental barriers and then enjoy that wonderful endorphin high awaiting me!


  1. Great post and glad you started a blog! I'm following your blog and added you to the list of blogs i follow on my blog:

  2. Great first post, baby! I can't wait to run a 5K with you :-)

  3. Love it! I really hope you keep up the blog because you are so inspirational to me. I've been playing the excuse game with my eating habits, have gained about 10 lbs and really want to get healthy and lose the weight. Or do I? The excuses are getting me nowhere fast. You have motivated me to really get my but in gear!!

  4. Great first post sis! You are right, no more excuses! I am just so proud of you, you've come so far and not only changed your body but your way of life. We need to find a 5k to run together in the spring:)

  5. You. Are. Awesome!! I am so glad you started a blog. You are my biggest inspiration and I hang onto every word you say!! You are doing great things!! I am going to add you to my blogroll so other fit bloggers can find inspiration in you too!