My progress in pictures

Several people have asked for here it is- progress pictures!  From most current to before pictures


strong finish at the Spirit of Gettysburg- 6/23/12

Race against racism 5 miler- 4/28/12
Riding Dancer, 12/30/11

after riding Piney at Fair Hill International- 10/17/11

out with Emily- 9/11/11

Phillies game with Adrian at PNC Park- 6/5/11

with the always sharp Alex at Jen C's wedding- 5/29/11

YWCA Indoor Triathlon- 2/5/11

with some great UDMB Alumni at Homecoming- 11/7/10

Christina's engagement party- with Deb and Adrian- 7/31/10

Gettysburg Time's sports banquet-  5/25/10

goofiness in a Walmart with friends- 11/22/09

The Before picture I use because it's only me- on our honeymoon- 9/1/09

our wedding- 8/29/09

painful....12/24/07- my heaviest I believe


  1. Hey I took a bunch of these! :-p
    And just a few date corrections cuz I'm anal like that:
    PNC Park - 6/5/11
    Christina's engagement - 7/31/10

  2. WOW! Look at your journey! You are amazing! :-)

  3. AMAZING!!!!! YOU ARE INCEDIBLE!!!! Such a huge inspiration!!!! Way to go I wish I could hug you!!!!! XOXO

  4. You are AMAZING! I am so happy & proud for you! I wish the world could see this! Your a great leader! Congratulations!