Sunday, January 15, 2012

O to be "normal" sized

I had a totally awesome moment today in Kohl's when I was in the dressing room. An awesome moment while trying on clothes- I know crazy, right? I pulled about a dozen tops, trying to re infuse my work wardrobe with some different clothes and every single one I tried on (all XL of course) was too big. Let me just take a moment to absorb that again.

To somebody that has never struggled with always being plus size, you may not understand quite what it means to be able to shop in "normal" stores like everyone else. Since middle school I have been overweight. I was already shopping in the misses section when I was in middle school and half way through high school I was in the women's section- aka the dreaded "plus size." So when everyone else was in the juniors section wearing cute little shirts, I was already wearing clothes made for your mom. Not cool.

I can still remember this time I was in Kmart in early college looking for a bathing suit or something (plus size of course) when two young women passed by me and said under their breath (but definitely loud enough for me to hear it) : "Please just kill me if I am ever so fat that I have to wear clothes like that." I felt alternating waves of hatred and depression which resulted in me just leaving the store close to tears while trying to tell myself I didn't care what those women said.

But of course, I did care. Duh

So the end of the shopping trip at Kohl's today resulted in 3 really lovely fitted tops from Simply Vera Wang all in a size LARGE. I know that I am not out of XL forever because everyone has their different cuts and styles but just the fact that I can go shopping with my girl friends- in the same section, for the first time, makes me feel all giddy. :D


  1. And you know what, those women are fat now and unhappy to boot. They have to be for being that mean. You're the total opposite of them and now you can see it in the mirror!

  2. YAY!!! Awesome. I can 100% relate to everything you say in this post! That has to be the best feeling everrrr!! You are awesome lady!! So jealous of your shopping abilities right

    Rock those L's!! :D