Thursday, March 6, 2014

Back to basics

So the scale...we are still fighting.

Yeah....this was exactly how I felt after my weight watchers weigh in last night.  Last week I had lost 1.8 lbs after that disastrous 7lb gain and then this week...I gained 1.6 lbs back.   I was so shocked, that I was PISSED.  Angry.  Frustrated.  I wanted to throw a temper tantrum.  Did I have a perfect week?  No....I had an absolutely awesome time drinking at Kevin's birthday party Saturday night.  It was fantastic- and I tracked it all- including the tequila and chocolate cake.  And then I kicked butt in the gym and ate awesome on every other day.

I guess what frustrated me so much was because I knew in that moment what I needed to do.  And I really didn't want to.  So instead I lived in angry, denial, border line temper tantrum land during the meeting until a good conversation with a few fellow weight watchers.  Ultimately, I knew that I needed to...

Yeah, the dreaded and terrible D word.  The irony is not lost on me that to spell diet you first have to spell "die."  I know that I have forever changed my lifestyle- and that's how you make lasting and steady change in your health and weight.  I will NEVER step foot into a fast food restaurant again.  I will never binge again at Golden Corral or some Chinese buffet.  It's not going to happen.  I simply and plainly refuse.  Those are my red lines in the sand- I won't cross them again.

But the reality is, I am 15 lbs over my goal weight.  15 lbs!! That is NOT ok.  Ever since my foot injury, my weight has been very slowly creeping up little by little.  At first just a couple ounces, then I would lose it.  And then this winter happened....between all the terrible weather keeping me inside and continuing to say yes to all those delicious holiday treats like my sister's crack cookies (for the record they don't legally have crack in them, but somehow they are more addicting).

So, I am going back on a lower daily points total and gosh darn it, I am going to use my food scale obsessively again and go back to the basics of what worked for me.  Darn it, I've lost 250 lbs!  I know how to lose weight.  My body knows how to lose weight.  After a great conversation with my sister today, I was reminded of this.

I don't have drastic things to change, but I do need to mix things up with my exercise, tighten up my eating plan (like not taking shots of tequila chased with chocolate cake), keep up with strength training, and get my head out of my ass.   The reality of my body is that I have to be constantly vigilant to keep the weight off.  I need to break out of maintenance mode and get back into full blown weight loss mode.  Colleen knows weight loss mode.   I flipped that switch while talking with Brianne today and I stepped back into the game Tony Horton style with some P90X.  I did Kenpo X and Ab Ripper X- and felt deliciously tired and sore afterwards.

You heard Tony....It's time to BRING IT!

How are you going to bring it?