Monday, June 25, 2012

Spirit of Gettysburg 5K Race Recap

Time for a race recap! Several people told me they liked the Teal Blue Ribbon 5K and Race against racism 5 miler recap so here goes another one....

The race was very well organized, just like last year so major kudos to Alex Hayes and the great team of organizers and volunteers that made this race possible! Great job!  This race even got into Runner's World (HOLY AWESOME!!) which you could see from the increased number of participants.  So happy for the Y because this is a major fundraiser for them and I just <3 the YWCA :)

Isn't that a great logo?  They always have a good technical t-shirt! :)

Adrian, in all of his amazing husband-ness, woke up with me (if he even really slept) and we walked over to the Y a little before 7:30am.  Definitely a great perk to live a quarter mile from the starting spot!  After getting my chip I decided to try to go to the bathroom again because you just can't seem to go enough times before a run.  Call me a freak, but you all know it's true!!  So we stood in line for the port a pots.....and waited....and waited.  Until Alex came over to say the race was starting in 10 minutes and there was still at least 2 dozen people left in line, so I jogged a bit to warm up and headed up to the starting area with Adrian.  There we ran into 4 weight watcher ladies!!  It was so awesome to see them there and when talking with Brooke I realized I was only about 40 seconds off her best 5k time, so we agreed to go out together and see how it went.  I made sure to tell her if she felt like going faster than I was, she BETTER not hold herself back for me! lol

Before the race started and feeling good!

I like running and chatting with people, but Brooke was really kicking butt at the race and was pushing herself so we didn't really talk which was cool too.  After the first set of hills, I could feel her pulling away from me and after checking my Garmin I realized there was a reason why it felt fast- I was running at a solid 10 min/mile pace.  Adrenaline at it's finest!!  Obviously, I am not awesome enough to keep up a 10 min/mile pace (yet- I will get there) so I brought it down a bit and let her pull away, but kept her in my sights.

The start with SO many people! Of course, I'm playing with my Garmin. Love that Adrian got this picture!
I started closing back in on my running buddy again close to another rough hill- the steep hill right as you come up on the eternal peace light monument.  It's a short hill, thank God, but stupid steep!  I gave it my all and powered up it, because by doing that you are done it faster lol.  I caught up with Brooke here and we both really needed a buddy to push us on, especially me after having some water which resulted in a mind warp.  We said a few words of encouragement to each other and realized we could both PR today if we kept going at a strong pace.

So, DUH, we totally went on to kill it!!! Brooke slowly pulled away from me after some more hills and I cheered her on (no idea if she heard me that time) cause I really wanted her to get her PR. I stayed strong, too and kept below my last 5k race pace that was on flat!  I pushed it during the last .3 miles or so and really gave it a good strong push at the finish.

Yay!! Strong finish that Adrian captured! :)

Isn't my husband a great photographer? If only I had been looking up, but I was focused on not tripping on the mats during the above picture.  Thrilled with my form, though. :)

There were several things that should have negatively affected me:
1. I got home from a week in Portland at 3:30am, and then woke up at 7:00 am. You do the math.
2. Similar to above- can you say jet lag?
3. It was HOT - summer people!
4. It is in Gettysburg, so obviously there were lots of hills, duh

Somehow my mind and body overcame all of those things and I KILLED it!!! Official time:  35:03!!  A PR by more than 30 seconds!!!

I approve!  Done running and feeling great!

The weight watcher girls looking awesome after a great race! Congrats girls!

So at the end of the day I ran well, enjoyed the weather, great scenery, and great atmosphere and had a blast hanging out with friends!  Loving it!!

I don't have any races slotted until the half-marathon on September 9th but I am looking for a good 10k and perhaps a 10 miler (maybe) to do in between if anyone knows of any near the Baltimore or Newark, DE area.  I would love a running buddy to join me, too! ;)

Racing is fun! :)