Thursday, June 7, 2012

No run = grumpy Colleen

I miss a run I am looking forward to, and I am one grumpy lady...

Case in point, today.  First off,  I had to drive to Wilmington for work.  FYI- that is a butt long drive from Gettysburg.  I pulled out some old tunes and enjoyed the ride because I knew I just had to make it through the work day and then I would be lacing up my sneakers and heading out for a 4+ mile run on the beautiful, hilly, but non-technical trails at Fair Hill Nature Reserve near my parents' farm.  I was visualizing my run and what I wanted to accomplish. I have actually been looking forward to this run since Monday when I knew I had to go to Wilmington Thursday and would spend the night at my parents' farm.  The route I was going to do I had just done on Sunday but the beginning was slow and I wanted to improve on the overall run and go longer, pushing it from the 3.6 miles I ran Sunday to closer to 5 miles.

So I was literally picturing the route in my head for days so much so that when I got to Fair Hill I was buzzing with excitement and ready to kill it.  I had hydrated and ate running smart all day and after a couple warm up walking laps around the large parking lot, I set off at a gentle warm up jog.

And then less than a tenth of a mile in, my left hamstring decided NO MORE RUNNING TODAY!  Talk about some serious sharp stabbing pain.  Now, I have been blessed up to this point in my running life to not have experienced severe running cramps. Yes, I've gotten an occasional stich in my side when I am really hauling butt, but that goes away quickly.  But I had never felt this kind of pain. And let me tell you, it was not pleasant.

So, I reluctantly brought it down to a walk and stretched and massaged my leg and then walked a loop around the creak area massaging as I walked until I realized that whenever it felt better and I tried to run again my hammy just wasn't gonna have anything to do with it.  Now came the hard decision- should I push through it and hope the cramp works itself out or call it done for the day.

I played it safe and headed back to my car reluctantly on the most beautiful June day I can remember.  I had an hour of time I could have been running to my heart's content but instead I was heading back aftre no run, no beautiful trails, no beautiful and needed endorphins.


So, no celebrating national running day (I know, I was a day late in celebration but I was saving this glorious run for today at Fair Hill) for this runner.  The quote above totally fits how I was feeling today.  Lately running has been more for me than just exercise, I truly enjoy it and look forward to my runs.  They refresh my soul.  And feel good ;)

I am so glad I have friends that I can call to help me get through fitness uncertainties, like Kevin and Emily.   Both gave me different but helpful tips and encouragement. thanks!

Jen said an awesome thing today when we were hanging out (post failed run).  Along the lines of- Does this make you feel like even more of a runner because you are really bummed out over not being able to run?  My answer- TOTALLY!  I shouldn't have anything to prove to anyone, but today did reaffirm to myself that I love running and it's more than just exercise to me now.

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  1. damn hamstring pain!!! you KNOW I can relate to this post! I know how you feel! So bummed I missed out on national running day!

    You're always.