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The below story was written for weight watchers, but gives a good basic insight into my life and how it's changed.  Weight Watchers has truly changed my life forever!  Edit- below is my most recent submission. :)

Weight Watcher Inspiring Stories Submission

Colleen Martin

At 400 lbs, I felt like I merely existed. I was just going through the motions, but not truly experiencing anything. Deep down I knew that I was killing myself with all the binging, but I simply didn’t care.  I was trying to hide myself from the world because I was so ashamed, but in reality I had a sign on my forehead that said “Hello, look at me!”
I had tried to lose weight in the past, but it wasn’t until I was honest with myself and came to terms with my own bad choices that I changed. One day after a bad fast food binge, which of course was done while hiding out in my car away from prying eyes, I looked at myself in the little vanity mirror and didn’t recognize who I was. I started crying and simply couldn’t stop, because I finally got it.  I knew in that moment I had 2 choices, but only one that I could live with. I had to take control of my life - and quickly!
That was almost three years ago, on October 20, 2009. The next day I joined Weight Watchers and gained control of my life.  With the support of Weight Watchers, my awesome leader Joni, and fellow members behind me, I finally learned what healthy eating meant and what it was like to enjoy activity.   Before I would get winded simply walking down a hallway, now I can run 10 miles with a smile on my face at the end! Life is so drastically different now; sometimes it’s hard to believe that I’m the one living it.
What has been one of the most rewarding aspects of this journey is all the support I have received and been able to give back.  I have a weight loss blog which has quickly turned into something I can’t wait to update!  It keeps me motivated and has inspired others to start their own weight loss journeys.   I realized the scope of my influence while talking to my friend, Mimi.  I commented on how great she looked and congratulated her on her progress with Weight Watchers, to which she replied, “You were the one who proved to me it was possible.”
Thanks to Weight Watchers I am no longer a backseat passenger in my life - I’m in control and I love being at the wheel!

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