Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hello again from the air! There is something about writing on an airplane that just feels natural to me. Even though you are surrounded by people, you often times feel alone, which is nice.

Yes, this is coming from a self-proclaimed "extrovert" who finds energy in talking with others. During the first hour of the flight I was chatting with my seat mate off and on about all sorts of things, and loved.

I just get frustrated at what the stereotype has turned into, though. So many people see introverts as the more thoughtful, smart people and extroverts as just party people. That's not only offensive to myself who enjoys both, but just untrue. I got into a discussion about this with a colleague who was complaining about a situation with a coworker she just couldn't understand. In her eyes, this other person is an extrovert so therefore she couldn't shut up and she moved really slowly with setting up for tomorrow's presentation because she was distracted with being social.

I had to interrupt her and interject. Just because that person is an extrovert does not mean that all she knows how to do is talk. Perhaps this person is just chatty and moves slow?! There are most definitely times when I have zero desire to interact with another human being. I get mentally, emotionally, and socially exhausted, too! I love exercising, horseback riding, cuddling with Ding, or just sitting down with a good book can really help me feel rejuvenated. Does this actually make me an introvert that has trained myself to be more social? Who cares? Labels are just that- labels.

So, I would love to hear what you have to say about this subject! What do you identify yourself as?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ice and acupuncture!

Helloooooo! I hear an echo....from so much time in between posts...

This is what I just finished doing, might look familiar...

Hello Ice!

I'm icing my left because of this:

Photo: I'm not sure how this happened....any ideas?
Last night

I have this weird bruise on the side of my left big toe- and I'm not sure why exactly.  It presented itself after I got done riding- in well broken in boots where I was wearing supportive socks...so a little confused how this happened.  But ice did help, the color is less red and more blue/purple now.

And my right foot has been bothering me a little bit- across the top like before when I had stress fracture issues- so I figured ice couldn't hurt it, I might as well double ice!

I did something really cool yesterday that I've been wanting to do for a long time- acupuncture!!  I'm really happy with the acupuncturist I worked with- she was very friendly, calm, and gentle.  It was a relaxing experience and afterwards I felt so calm and centered.  I even have some ear candy to remind me of the experience- some points she kept on my ear that are low intensity points meant to stay on for 1-2 weeks.

Photo: I'm curious if anyone has had acupuncture treatment? I had my first consult and treatment yesterday with a new friend, Laura, who was awesome!  Part of treatment was leaving these longer lasting points on my ear- fascinating! Have you had acupuncture before? Share!!!
Left ear looking sexy

Have you had acupuncture treatment before?  Tell me about it!