Sunday, January 22, 2012

Awesome weekend

What a totally awesome weekend! Saturday I burned a ton more calories than I ate, which should result in a good loss this week on the scale if I keep it up....or my body could hate me and hold onto like it does sometimes ;)

It snowed about 4 inches Friday night so I woke up to a text from Emily letting me know that the Y was opening 2 hours late- which was good since it took me about an hour to dig out my car. My elbows held out pretty well because I took it much slower and smaller shovels than I normally would and took breaks and stretched when my arms were getting tired. And don't get mad and ask why my hubby didn't do it- he would have if I had waited until he woke up to go to DE. I could have just walked to the gym and not shoveled (aka wasting 2 hours of my life doing nothing). But enter exhibit A- I hate feeling totally useless with this injury and B- I wanted to see if my elbow could handle a little lifting without over doing it. Given the fact that right now my arms feel fine, I don't think I did any further damage. I did ice both arms off and on for 2 hours on the way to DE so I'm not completely irresponsible ;)

So Saturday afternoon we met part of the usual group in Avondale for laser tag- part 1 of the 3 part Alex 30th birthday extravaganza. I didn't know what to expect going in but just in case, I wore work out clothes. I'm very glad I did cause it was a rip roaring, running, squatting and jumping good time! During the madness I slammed my shoulder into different walls at different times so I'm all bruised up on both arms like I got into a fight. Kinda amusing but a good reminder of a great time. :)

After a quick refresh and change at Miranda's we went to Macaroni Grill where a bunch of others joined in for the festivities and good food. Then we went to Trolly Square in Wilmington to our usual digs for drinking and dancing. I think there might even be a few awesome pictures taken on Jen's cell phone...have to be on the lookout for them. So two hours of dancing and only one drink- lots of more calories burned.

Saturday was one of those days that just wouldn't have been possible 2 years ago. Sometimes I just spontaneously break into a grin for no reason. Then I remember I have 209 reasons to break into a grin and I keep right on being happy :D

End result: sexy good time had by all. :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

O to be "normal" sized

I had a totally awesome moment today in Kohl's when I was in the dressing room. An awesome moment while trying on clothes- I know crazy, right? I pulled about a dozen tops, trying to re infuse my work wardrobe with some different clothes and every single one I tried on (all XL of course) was too big. Let me just take a moment to absorb that again.

To somebody that has never struggled with always being plus size, you may not understand quite what it means to be able to shop in "normal" stores like everyone else. Since middle school I have been overweight. I was already shopping in the misses section when I was in middle school and half way through high school I was in the women's section- aka the dreaded "plus size." So when everyone else was in the juniors section wearing cute little shirts, I was already wearing clothes made for your mom. Not cool.

I can still remember this time I was in Kmart in early college looking for a bathing suit or something (plus size of course) when two young women passed by me and said under their breath (but definitely loud enough for me to hear it) : "Please just kill me if I am ever so fat that I have to wear clothes like that." I felt alternating waves of hatred and depression which resulted in me just leaving the store close to tears while trying to tell myself I didn't care what those women said.

But of course, I did care. Duh

So the end of the shopping trip at Kohl's today resulted in 3 really lovely fitted tops from Simply Vera Wang all in a size LARGE. I know that I am not out of XL forever because everyone has their different cuts and styles but just the fact that I can go shopping with my girl friends- in the same section, for the first time, makes me feel all giddy. :D

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Do you have a plan?

"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

Wow, what a powerful statement from this week's weight watcher weekly bulletin. So, have you set your new years resolutions yet? I know some people have given the increased numbers at the Y and weight watchers in the past couple weeks. Today it was packed at weight watchers, which I love seeing- I just hope people can stick with it.

And that's what is so hard for so many, and was so difficult for me until I gave up all my excuses, looked myself in the mirror and admitted that I needed help. Thank God for weight watchers and support I have received from it and my loved ones. But the reality is...I AM DOING THIS. Not weight watchers, or my friends and family, but ME. Just as the all wonderful Jennifer Hudson says- you have to Believe.

So, do you Believe? After my weigh in today... with a whopping 3.6 lb loss- I have to believe! I'm in shock that I had such a good week with so much other stress going on. On New Years day we lost a great man, my grandfather- Joe Mulrooney. So Adrian and I packed up and drove down to Louisville, KY to mourn his loss with my family. It was very difficult because not only was Joe a great man, but it seemed like I couldn't help but re-open the wound that my father's death has left on my heart. My uncle Rob and his wife Debbie were there which was comforting. Seeing uncle Rob always seems to transport me back in time to Christmases in Kentucky where I would be on Papa's knee and Rob would play with us and my cousins in the basement while the "boring adults" socialized upstairs. In my eyes he was always such a cool uncle because of the silly things that kids care about when they are 5- barbies and toys.

And of course, it was great to spend time with the Crush family (my Aunt Brigid and her family), they are always so warm, fun and loving. It was wonderful spending time with them last time we were in Kentucky to see my dad when his health was's just a shame that we usually spend time together during difficult times because they are so full of life and love. With family far away, sometimes that's just the reality of life. I love that I never feel pressured to eat extra around them like I often feel around other family members and even some friends, in fact I feel just the opposite. Their healthy life style makes me feel at ease and like I am in my own house- which showed on the scale this week despite fewer total workout days and some of the most delicious desert I have ever tasted (but in moderation). If you have never had Derby Pie you obviously haven't lived. Also, chocolate chip pumpkin bread is so delicious it might have been created by the devil himself- it was the only thing I really "splurged" on and enjoyed two slices with no guilt because it was 100% worth it.

But fate stepped in again to throw us a curve ball...after the funeral on Thursday and a relaxing afternoon with the Crushes and uncle Rob, Adrian got the hard news that his grandmother died.....just 4 days after we lost Papa. Talk about a bad start to 2012...

Sometimes life is just hard. But all you can do is pick up and keep going.