Sunday, January 22, 2012

Awesome weekend

What a totally awesome weekend! Saturday I burned a ton more calories than I ate, which should result in a good loss this week on the scale if I keep it up....or my body could hate me and hold onto like it does sometimes ;)

It snowed about 4 inches Friday night so I woke up to a text from Emily letting me know that the Y was opening 2 hours late- which was good since it took me about an hour to dig out my car. My elbows held out pretty well because I took it much slower and smaller shovels than I normally would and took breaks and stretched when my arms were getting tired. And don't get mad and ask why my hubby didn't do it- he would have if I had waited until he woke up to go to DE. I could have just walked to the gym and not shoveled (aka wasting 2 hours of my life doing nothing). But enter exhibit A- I hate feeling totally useless with this injury and B- I wanted to see if my elbow could handle a little lifting without over doing it. Given the fact that right now my arms feel fine, I don't think I did any further damage. I did ice both arms off and on for 2 hours on the way to DE so I'm not completely irresponsible ;)

So Saturday afternoon we met part of the usual group in Avondale for laser tag- part 1 of the 3 part Alex 30th birthday extravaganza. I didn't know what to expect going in but just in case, I wore work out clothes. I'm very glad I did cause it was a rip roaring, running, squatting and jumping good time! During the madness I slammed my shoulder into different walls at different times so I'm all bruised up on both arms like I got into a fight. Kinda amusing but a good reminder of a great time. :)

After a quick refresh and change at Miranda's we went to Macaroni Grill where a bunch of others joined in for the festivities and good food. Then we went to Trolly Square in Wilmington to our usual digs for drinking and dancing. I think there might even be a few awesome pictures taken on Jen's cell phone...have to be on the lookout for them. So two hours of dancing and only one drink- lots of more calories burned.

Saturday was one of those days that just wouldn't have been possible 2 years ago. Sometimes I just spontaneously break into a grin for no reason. Then I remember I have 209 reasons to break into a grin and I keep right on being happy :D

End result: sexy good time had by all. :)


  1. I totally would have helped, too! But as you said, I was asleep so I wasn't even aware that I was not helping :-p