Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello size 10

Today was super full, busy, and productive.  aka, an awesome day.  I love feeling productive and running around half crazy.

O yeah and there is one other thing about today...

I AM A SIZE 10!!!!

Hello size 10!!

When you start at a size 30, this is a HUGE accomplishment.  Take my word for it ;)

I literally was in 6 different stores this weekend and today trying to find a great pair of pants for my meeting in Portland this week because I don't own a pair that isn't baggy and therefore looks bad.  Trying to find nice work pants that aren't way too long is hard!  Petite sizes seem to be too short for me, too, so that's not even an option.  Plus they never are very generous in the thighs, and since my legs are like tree trunks that is a problem.  When I go up a size in petites, they are always too big in the waist.  So, when I tried Jones New York today after returning something at under armor I wasn't expecting to find anything and then struck gold!! I still have to wear these pants with a bit of a heel, but I can deal with that after seeing how my butt looks in these pants in their round the body mirror. I had one of those "this can't be my body" moments in the dressing room.  Then I proceeded to bust into a grin and freak out inside I was so happy.  So exciting!!  So in the end I had size 10 pants in my hands!! 

Due to some car issues today, I had to cancel my workout with Emily.  Suck fest of the day!  I was bummed out because I always look forward to working out with her.  But there is a silver lining- I think my body needed a rest day.  My hamstring was still all tight and my arms were quite achy from lots of massage work on them from my physical therapist.  So..... I stretched like crazy and foam rolled.  Like, foam rolled my whole body.  It felt painfully delicious.  I wish I had room in my suitcase to bring my foam roller to Portland with me this week.  Unfortunately, the likelihood of them having a foam roller is akin to the likelihood of Mark Wahlberg showing up at my hotel room door.

Yes, please.

So that means if they do have a foam roller then I should be expecting Marky Mark, right?  If I could just order up that to greet me at the door to my hotel room that would be greeeeeeeeat. ;)

PS- I love my husband, truly :D

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  1. And will you for the love of GOD, put on a F*CKING SHIRT!!