Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer goals

 Do you set goals for yourself?  What are your summer goals?

Today's topic in weight watchers really hit me for some reason.  We talked about the summer and the challenges that can be put in our way because of it.  Joni asked if anyone struggled to lose weight during the summer, and I was quick to say I loved the summer. More activity, being outside, summer fruit, etc.  Then we pulled out our weeklies and there was a calendar where we could put any potential struggles like vacations, parties, etc.

This summer is going to be CHALLENGING for my weight loss.  In two weeks I will be in Portland for a week.  In a different hotel that I have no clue if there is a decent gym or a good area to run. GARRH.  Then there is...dun dun dun...the move.  The before mentioned scary move to White Marsh.  I'm not going to get more into it than that....

July is pretty mild with no big trips and then BAM a week long vacation during the first week of August.  Of all the trips, I will have the most control here which is good. I just need to make sure to get workouts in amongst all the fun we have planned.  I would LOVE to take a run in Central Park.  Ever since taking up running it is on my running bucket list.

Then 3 weeks later, I will be in Ft. Lauderdale for a week (don't feel too sorry for me) for work.  These long work trips are the worst because the only food control I have is portion size.  I am making educated guesses as to how many points things are and it's incredibly frustrating to have so little control and constant temptations everywhere I look. Imagine unlimited MARS candy everywhere as well as nearly unlimited salty snacks and food.   O and don't forget the expectation that you go out and mingle with coworkers over a glass of wine.  It's seriously tough, no joke.

So having said all that....the activity today was to set goals for labor day.  I had already been thinking that I wanted to get to goal by September so that I could make lifetime by my 3 year mark which is October 21, 2012.  I have 15 lbs left to reach goal and when I said this was my goal Joni gently prodded how realistic this goal would be and what it would do for my confidence and mental game if I don't reach it.  Realizing she was 100% right as always, I wrote down my goal as 10 lbs, which is just under 1 lb a week.  But, my stretch "ideal" goal is still 15 lbs.

I don't want to put too much pressure on myself but I WANT this.  Goal is so close I can taste it.  And you know the saying, nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. SO TRUE.  The taste I am imagining in my mouth is a Reece's pb cup. mmmmm.  I want to taste it, and I will! :)

so true...


  1. As always...LOVE this post!

    I feel you on the work traveling thing! It is tough. Esp when you have to eat out 3 days a week. The only advice I got from someone is if you are staying somewhere for a while maybe you can go to a local grocery store and pick up some breakfast and snack items. I think that is a great idea...even tho I have never done it! haha.

    You are amazing. I hope one day I can have the will power and drive that you do!!!!

    Do you mind if I give your blog a shoutout on mine? I would like to share your journey, I think it would inspire so many people!!!

    1. thanks Julie! And I would be honored if you shouted out my blog on yours! :D :D

  2. Hmmm...a run in Central Park. I might just have to join you :-)