Thursday, June 14, 2012

Almost back to normal...

Today I almost felt back to normal...what a relief!

I have been asked many times to post the workouts (especially strength training) I do, so I'm gonna post my workout today, even though it's not totally typical but has some of my favorites.

Warm up-  ran 1.5 very easy miles, 1+ minute above 5k race pace, mostly flat through the Woodcrest neighborhood (holy cow, I love running there, wish I had explored it earlier!).  This warmup felt awesome and I felt like I could have kept running, but I want to go for 4 miles tomorrow and didn't want to overdo it, since I am supposed to be "easing back in"

I had a weird experience when I was starting my strength training workout at the Y.  My mind just...didn't want to wrap itself around a workout for the day.  I got out the bosu and then just couldn't decide what to do.  So I actually got a piece of scrap paper and wrote out my workout to get my ideas out of my brain and in an organized manner.  Yeah, I'm a little odd, but it worked.

Strength training circuit- Did 2 sets.
1. Bosu ball squats- 15 reps in each set
Let me just add that I LOVE the bosu ball.  I have done entire workouts using no other equipment but the bosu ball and did squats, lunges, arms and ab moves.  And I could hardly move the next morning.  O yeah, it's versatile and GREAT for balance.

Bosu ball squats

2. Front lunges with overhead shoulder press- 15 reps for each set
Another one of my favorites.  Front or back lunges you can add pretty much any upper body move to it to stack on and give it more bang for your buck, like bicep curls, rows, or shoulder extensions.

3. Back lunges with medicine ball twist- 15 reps for each set
Another favorite! See a pattern today? I was going with my good standbys.

A Grab a medicine ball and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
B Step right leg backward into a lunge, keeping your thigh parallel to the floor. Twist from your waist as far as you can to the right. Step backward and up, bringing the ball back to center. Repeat with your right leg and twist left to complete one rep.

The next group of exercises are some shoulder/back and chest isolation exercises my physical therapist wants me to focus on to build strength in that area specifically but not put more stress on my elbows than needed, so it's not my usual stacked exercises

4.  Pec fly machine- 15 reps for each set
5. Rear delt -15 reps for each set.
Same machine as below for pec fly, just going the other way.

Pec fly machine startPec fly machine finish
7.  Lateral pull down- 15 reps for each set.
I am not a big fan of machines in general, but I really like this machine and how it makes my muscles feel.
Lateral pull down

7. Pullover machine- 15 reps for each set
In my eyes, this is like the mach daddy of back and abs rolled into one.  When done correctly with the right amount of weight, your abs shake and you have to struggle to finish the whole set.

Just the machine, no cool demo, sorry

8.  Bicep curl with Resistance band. 15 reps for each set
I like the smooth and steady feel of bands.  Also easy to transport for on the road!

Bicep curl with resistance band

9. Tricep extensions with resistance band. 15 reps for each set

Tricep extension with resistance band
 10.  Mason twists with medicine ball- 15 reps for each set
I both love and hate these because they do wondrous things to your obliques.  O yeah, and I first did them with Tony in P90X so I always think of him when I do them. :)

11. PLANK- 45 seconds for each set.
The mother of all ab exercises.  Be prepared for your abs to shake really quickly, especially if this is the first time you are trying this.  But it WORKS.

Plank for the win!

So, there ya go!!!  A little taste of what my workout looked like today.  It was a pretty easy strength training workout for me, especially since I didn't add any of my usual heart pumping cardio/strength training exercises in today.  After all, I am supposed to be easing in, which is why I did so many more machines than usual. ;)

Let me know if you guys liked this post or found it totally useless/annoying because I could post more like this if you like it.


  1. Wow, I didn't know you were doing so much upper body stuff with your injury! This was a cool, different kind of post. I like! :-)

    1. Remember, it is low weights! But yes, Marty wants me to really start building more of my back and shoulders. It felt GREAT

  2. I loved this post! you are a BEAST!!!! I got tired just from reading everything you do!