Sunday, November 18, 2012

Start of Holiday season!

So the holiday eating season has already started with a bang today...

O turkey and stuffing....

We had our first "holiday dinner" at the farm today.  There was the typical- turkey, gravy, vegetables, rolls, apple pie for desert, o yeah.....and STUFFING.  I love stuffing.  Like....I secretly dream of this time of year for THAT reason.  When we lived in South Dakota and ate like crap on a regular basis we had stuffing all year round because.....we could.   It's not like it is only on the shelves in November.  So yes....stuffing is one of those foods that I have no shame in measuring in front of family and friends.  Because if I don't measure it I easily dish out 2 servings and try to convince myself it's barely 1 so I should have some more.

Well, of course the food was awesome but what was better was before dinner.  My aunt Brigid was in town from Kentucky so we met up with her and my uncle Rob, aunt Debbie, and two cousins- Alex and Kelsey at their house in Wilmington.  It was really nice to see them, especially since we haven't seen them since January when pop-pop passed.  On a cool note, turns out Debbie runs (and does everything else in) Merrell Dash Gloves as well.  She pointed out my shoes immediately. Turns out she used to have plantar fasciitis....that is until you started wearing these shoes.  She's been going minimalist for 2 years and hasn't had any pain since.  Another amazing story about going minimalist- I love it!

Speaking of the best shoes to ever grace my life....I've been SLOWLY working up the time so now I am running 7 minutes at a time.  I know, exciting.  But what is exciting- I am so much faster than I was a couple months ago! I think it's the combination of the better form and shorter distances but for whatever reason I am so proud of myself for getting my speed up! I still remember a time when I would start my run at about 4.0 mph speed.  Now I start at 6.0 mph (10 min/mile) and have been gradually building up over my run to 7.0 mph (8.5 min/mile).  Holy awesome, I am so proud of myself for this progress!! :)  I am also glad I made the decision to do this correctly and gradually build up while pretty much ditching my other shoes completely.

Goodbye my friends

So, goodbye to my Asics 2170s.  You were fantastic and I loved you through my half marathon training, but I have outgrown you and now have shoes that won't keep causing me pain via terrible form.