Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We've done a lot!

As we get settled into the new house, I've still been feeling quite overwhelmed by everything left to do.  I've really appreciated the comments and emails with advice on new home ownership, so thank you!  I have been trying to keep in mind the resounding theme- take it slow with repairs and don't do too much at once.

The big things that we have accomplished (aka our we rock list):

1. Changed all the outlets (except 3 in the basement, I will get to that this weekend).  In case you are ever thinking to yourself as you are painting....I can just paint over the outlets- DON'T!  These dummies painted over EVER SINGLE outlet in the house, some multiple times.  This is dangerous because paint is a conductor, so a simple spark can start a fire. The other giant pain is that the paint acts like glue on and around the outlet, so taking the plates off is a PAIN.  Yeah, imagine hours of razoring off paint and getting really frustrated....and that's just to take the plates off, then you have to replace all the conduits.  Kevin taught me how to replace the conduits which was awesome, but I would say overall we spent somewhere between 8-10 hours fully replacing 20 outlets on the main floor. Wowsers!  But they are no safe to use

It's a mess

2. Scrubbed the walls with TSP cleaner to get the tobacco streaks off it and prepped for painting.  O the challenges of buying a house from somebody who smoked... I'm grateful we had my Uncle John who answered all the MANY painting questions we had and guided us to this magical cleaner.

3. Painted. A lot.  2 coats of paint in the living room, dining room, kitchen, hallways, entryway, and master bedroom.  Aka the first floor minus 2 bedrooms and the bathroom.  The master was a lavender purple that Adrian hated (I love purple, but I get why he didn't like it- you can see it a little below) and the rest of the area was this seafoam green that definitely looked very dated.  We were work horses and did this in three shifts- a Tuesday evening (after work) for the first coat on the master bedroom, then all day Saturday and Sunday (with help from my brother!).  I am seriously impressed with Adrian and I for getting this done!

Adrian rocking the roller in the Master

4. Had the air ducts professionally cleaned and carpets scrubbed.  Wow, the difference in the smell afterwards has been profound.  I'm so glad we did it, even though it cost us a pretty penny.

5. Changed the locks. We still have 2 more doors to do, because we had some issues with the backdoor when we tried to change it on day 1.

6. Cleaned. And then some more....

Now that I've listed it out a bit, wow....we've done a lot!  Feeling better about how much we've done so far- we are awesome!

In fitness news, I haven't been able to fit in as many workouts as I like over the past 2 weeks, and I can feel the difference.  I gained a few lbs and it's down right annoying me because I keep making decisions that aren't the best, which just makes it worse.  My nighttime snacking has amped back up and I am having trouble controlling my snacking throughout the day.  I'm thinking of going off maintenance mode on WW and dropping my points back into losing mode to get myself back into the tighter control that I prefer.  I am all about the flexibility of maintenance, and part of that is going back into losing mode for a little if I need to.  Breath and reboot!

What great thing have you accomplished this week?