Monday, April 22, 2013

Run for Boston

Did anyone else do this today?  All the local running stores were holding "Run for Boston," some silent runs.  It's been a week since the tragedy happened and somehow I still feel sick to my stomach every time I hear about it or think about it.

It's interesting how sometimes your friends know you better than you know yourself.... This weekend Adrian was busy with work on Saturday night and I could just picture a major binge happening if I didn't stay away from my house.  After a great horseback ride with my mom (the first ride since my surgery!! Wahooo!!), I met up with some friends for sushi.  I got this really tasty, banana roll that had eel and you guessed it- banana! It was like a desert roll and DELICIOUS.  So glad a friend suggested, and that I have been converted to sushi and the deliciousness it offers :)


After dinner, we headed over to a friend's place for some games.  Before we got started, I was sharing with Jen all the crap that's been loading on me lately.  I can't talk about it on here because of confidentiality, but it's really been causing me added stress.  And then I just can't seem to stop thinking about what happened in Boston and how screwed up it is.  If coverage is on tv I get sucked in BAD, so I've been trying not to even watch tv.  But Jen nailed it on the head exactly what I couldn't quite put words to before-  these runners, who run the Boston marathon, who were so tragically affected by this tragedy.....they are my "heroes."  They are people I look up to on a real level, not just some fictional character from far away or in a comic book.  It's been a goal of mine for at least a year to complete a marathon.  The idea of competing at Boston is a huge dream of be that good to qualify to get there- wow!!  Definitely something I look up to and admire to all those that accomplish that goal of competing in Boston.  So, it just hit me harder than I would have thought because it's just too close to home, too close to a dream.

Having said that, I have never felt stronger before that I WANT to run Boston.  Even if it takes me 20 years, I WILL run Boston.  Because I'm a fighter.  When I struggle, I don't just take it laying down.  I stand up and fight against people or things that are trying to hold me- just like the people in Boston.  I run for Boston.