Saturday, April 6, 2013

Settling back in

Ok, enough house talk for a while, sorry if I bored you guys with all that! It's been a really exciting couple months house hunting, then buying, and now all the work on the house itself.  I can't help but be consumed by it all!

It's starting to settle down a bit now that we are unpacking and most of our furniture has arrived.  We have some little projects left but as many people suggested- we need to remember to take baby steps!  It's hard to remember to take things slow when all I want to do is get everything done immediately.

This week has been a good workout week.  I've been alternating between elliptical and running for cardio, and my legs and lungs seem to like the variation.  I'm working on building up my mileage while wearing my Marrell Dash Gloves, which means my calves are super tight and I've been focusing on recovery almost as much as running. As I've learned over this journey, when I take things out of my routine that I know are important, like recovery, I quickly regret it.  I've been stretching not just at the end of my workout like usual but also after a quick warm up, which I hope will help with. I've also been adding in my three favorite/hated recovery tools:

Foam Roller
Massage Stick
Rumble Roller

I've been using both my high density foam roller and the rumble roller on different areas.  My IT bands can't quite handle the rumble yet- I'm working my way up to it, so I have been also including the massage stick on that area, and both the front and back of my calves.  But, my glutes- they LOVE the rumble.  I have been quite careful about foam rolling, though, because many of the rolling moves require me to hold myself up by my arms- which of course is challenging and can be painful.  Hence the extra massage sticking I have been doing for certain areas.  But, my glutes can never get enough foam/rumble rolling, they are always tight and in knots.

I also need to figure out a better schedule, that I can stick to consistently, concerning my strength training.  I've been trying to fit it in more, but it's been about once a week instead of the preferred 2-3 times a week.  I   know how important it is for not just my fitness, but my running training and ability to keep injuries at bay.  I will make it happen!

What is your recovery routine?


  1. I am kind of intimidated by the rollers. I just stretch every day and seems to help my knee a lot!

    1. yeah, it took me a while to get into foam rolling, it can be hard to get into. But stretching is most important- good job!

  2. I've never seen anything like those before. Will have to look more into them.

    1. I was lucky that my old gym had a foam roller and my personal trainer at the time was also a massage therapist- she taught me a lot :)

  3. After any workout I do lots of stretching and after a run I also use my foam roller. It helps A LOT!!!