Sunday, March 31, 2013

Moved in!

Wow, what a smooth move yesterday!

We ended up having a great group helping us- 8 people including my husband and I!  Totally incredible! My mom and brother came, plus 4 friends.  Unlike our last move which had lots of hiccups around our moving truck specifically, picking up the truck this time was easier.  For our last move- from Gettysburg to Middle River- we rented with UHaul and if you've ever rented with them you know that they don't guarantee a location and pickup time for their trucks.  Well, they don't tell you that before we ended up having to drive 50+miles to pick up a truck, and had to move back our move a couple hours as well.  That was after I pulled out some serious powers of persuasion and insisted that they would not only find us a truck but if we had to drive, they would also be reimbursing us.  Which they did....duh.  Since we were moving a bit far, we actually had two shifts of helpers- some in Gettysburg and then some from DE to help us in Middle River. Talk about a coordination nightmare!

Back to this weekend..... we went with Budget (and even found a coupon- score!), where you book a location and a truck along with pickup/drop off times.  Much more my speed and MUCH better customer service.  I was willing to pay more for a truck if it was guaranteed, but it ended up being cheaper then the uhaul I quoted- double score!  I did have to wait 30 minutes, though, because lots of other people were picking up, but it all worked out.  So, it was good that we planned for some wiggle room and asked everyone to come at 10:00 am, with the pickup having been at 9:00am.

So we ended up starting right about 10:00am and with Kevin's master packing techniques (he is very handy to have around for anything homeowner related, he's helped us so much), the truck was packed and we were on the road to our new place by a little after 11am! Amazing!  I'm not sure exactly when we left the old house for the quick 15 minute drive to our new place, but everything was in the house by 12:10am!

Seriously, I don't even think there was a moment where I felt stressed.  Perhaps for a few seconds when I wasn't sure if everything would fit on the truck, but it all worked out.  Everyone even chipped in with a few other things that we needed some help on after we finished the move.  My mom herded the boys outside to rip up the old carpet in the porch because it was REALLY nasty, while I stole Kevin to help figure out why we had two flipped breakers after changing a bunch of outlets.  With some research and checking, we got it all figured out- wahoo!  And the yucky carpet is now rolled and ready to be taken away.  Now we just have to scrub the floors and paint the disgusting siding and walls out there.  The screened in porch is where the previous home owner did the majority of his smoking and's gross.  The walls are yellow from the tobacco and the carpet was smelly and badly stained all over.

We were able to get to the old house yesterday by 3:30pm ish and were all cleaned and out of there in less than 2 hours!  What a busy and productive day!  We enjoyed a nice celebratory dinner out before we unpacked a little of the bedroom.  We unpacked a bit more today and I feel like we made a good amount of progress! The best thing about unpacking this time....this is it! We are really unpacking for real, not just for a year or two, but we are settling in! It's really exciting to be able to know that, :)

And since I can't just skip over the importance of today for those that celebrate it, including myself- Happy Easter!  I checked out a new church today that my OT (hand therapist) recommended, and I really liked it! It's a nondenominational church and I really enjoyed the very contemporary and casual service.  I also felt very welcomed and an instant part of the congregation, which I haven't felt in years.  I've tried a couple of different churches over the years, but have never felt connected or particularly welcomed.  I don't know if this will be the one, but I am hopeful.  And as if that wasn't enough- it's a block from the gym.  Definitely a sign, lol!  So, of course, I headed to the gym for a workout after church.  A perfect morning before oodles of unpacking!  And much more unpacking to come.....