Monday, July 2, 2012

We are moved!!

It's official, I am making this post from our new place in Middle River, MD!

I feel like I should post pictures....but the place is a mess with some unpacked areas looking great and some completely a disaster. lol.  We were SO blessed to have a lot of help from some great people!  Tommy, Butch and Phil helped in Gettysburg- all guys that Adrian worked with at the Gettysburg Times.  They were awesome and really knew how to pack a truck!  Alex and Jen C helped in Middle River and my parents also brought over the mini-van load of stuff they had at the farm.

Rewind to Thursday....Had major issues getting a UHaul truck.  I blamed them hardcore and bitched and moaned about being put on a waiting list- but really it was mostly my fault because we reserved only 2 weeks ahead of time.  I normally am more of a planner- but we changed the date we were moving, which is why the reservation was so late.  The thing that upset me about the whole process was why are you confirming my reservation if you don't really have a truck for me to use?  Why not tell me that up front they don't guarantee pickup time and location? wtf?!  After a lot of stress and freaking out, we finally were given a truck to use at 9am on Friday after I made some waves with customer service.  We had to drive about 30 miles each way to pick up a new truck through back country roads so it added almost 2 hours (including pickup) to our day. But I was able to get an extra free 80 miles added to our contract so we didn't have to pay for it.  They were going to make us pay for each extra mile and I made the free miles happen. lol.  Please don't think I'm one of those crazy yelling/nasty people with customer service- just the opposite.  That is what gets results. :)

Seriously, they suck.  Never again, U-Haul.

So....once we got the truck,  it went quickly and the guys were awesome and super fast! We headed to our new place where we had to sign all the final paperwork and get our keys. That took longer than we were expecting but eventually we got into the town house and started the unloading with Jen C.  Jen KICKED ASS.  Like holy crap, she was awesome! (as if you could expect anything less from my bff)

We were very nervous about the cable setup apt, especially since they were supposed to show up between 1-3 and we got to the complex about 2:30pm due to the delay in the truck pickup.  But all was good because he arrived a little after 3:00pm, just when we were starting to unload the truck. So everything worked out and we have cable and internet (o yeah, and a useless phone line that I still need to buy a phone for...).

I had just gone to pick up a new bed frame for our bed, because our old one had broken, when Alex arrived.  At the perfect time according to my darling and exhausted husband. My parents arrived about the same time as well with their mini-van full of stuff they had stored for us for a couple weeks to make our move easier.

After some showers all the way around, we got dinner at a great little Chinese/Japanese place we found that surprisingly had several "diet entrees."  Sweeet! 

Saturday Adrian and I went back to Gettysburg to clean the old place.  And holy cow, was it an ordeal!  An exhausting and stressful ordeal, especially trying to fit everything left (how was there still so much?!) into our two cars plus bring back the professional carpet cleaner back to the grocery store. Somehow we did it....and in the process I lost my keys.  Of course I flipped the crap out and we searched the whole place to no avail.  Luckily Adrian had an extra key for my car so we could get back home.  We found the lost keys when we got home and were unpacking the cars.  They had somehow ended up in a bag with random stuff.  Blah.

And then we had to get ready for my 10 year high school reunion....which definitely deserves it's own post. To come later....Thanks again everyone for your help!!

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  1. Yeah, totally stressful. Let's make the next time we move the last time we move! ;-)