Thursday, July 26, 2012

O Nashville...

This week I've been in Nashville for work.  It's been exhausting, enlightening, rewarding, and full of good food.

Waaaay too much good food.  Went over my daily WW points plus values each day, but you know what...when in Rome, right?  I made good choices and chose healthy whole foods and enjoyed each bite, even if they might have been a little higher in calories, I knew they were nutritionally good choices.  Sometimes just a salad just isn't enough to sustain you for a day full of traveling and being on your feet.  I even tried my hand at a vegan burger that was a black bean, sweet potatoe, and cashew patty with hummus and more veggies on focaica bread.  This was a leap for me because I have never liked sweet potatoes (unless they were sweet potatoe fries) and only mildly into black beans- but so glad I tried!  The combination was amazing! I had no fried, smothered, or any other sinfully delicious southern foods.  Only splurged once with 2 delicious peanut butter cookies.  Super soft, delicous pb heaven.  Worth every sinful calorie. 

My coworker who I was working with this week and I did go into downtown Nashville one night for dinner and had some great food at this microbrewery, including probably the best quacamole I've ever had. Delicious, and you could taste how fresh the avacodo was.  We then strolled the streets of music city and certainly heard a lot of music....most pretty good but it is a little unnerving to literally pass beggar after beggar for blocks- even if it is in the form of musicians. 

The best night hands down though was at this awesome restaurant called Ellendale's that specializes in all farm fresh, organic, eco friendly and incredibly delicious food.  They have a huge and beautiful vegetable and herb garden surrounding the restaurant that you can stroll through after dinner.  They also have live music every night.  We went there Wednesday and tonight because we liked it so much, although the atmosphere was the best on Wednesday with a husband/wife duet that were super talented, both with beautiful voices and hauntingly romantic original songs.  I bought their cd they were so good. :)

In workout news, I did get my butt down to the gym every morning like a good girl.

Did you have doubts? I really hope not people.  If you thought I was going to be away from home so therefore wouldn't work out you are nuts. lol. 

Tuesday I did a solid 4 miles. Wednesday I just couldnt get into it because I wasn't running and there was nothing to use for strength training (big pouty face).  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and got a decent sweat on but I never really got the normal buzz out of it.

This morning was really my shabam workout- 8.25 miles on the treadmill!  I started out with half a mile of walking and then HAD to go to the bathroom (annoying!!!) so after dealing with that, my run was solid but meant that I didn't have time to get the full 9 miles in that I wanted to do.  In the end, it is still my longest run to date so I am thrilled!  My coworker gave me a great comment (she was running next to me for a while) afterwards.  She said I looked very relaxed and was moving like it was effortless with great form.  Also that it looked like I was really enjoying the run.  I had no idea she was even paying attention to me! lol.  She is a long time runner so it made me all giddy inside when she said this. :)  And I really did enjoy the run, even though I was flinging sweat all over the place and was hot. O wait, that's normal. lol.

Tomorrow I get to head back home...where I will then be promply leaving for our NYC and Boston trip early Saturday morning with Adrian.  I can't wait but I am kinda nervous about how/when I'm going to be able to get workouts in.  Jen H and I will be running together Sunday morning and once we get to Boston I will have the hotel gym, but I'm not sure about when we are chilling with George and Kyle.  I'm sure I'll figure something out! :)

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  1. Glad you had a good experience in a musical city!