Monday, July 9, 2012

Missing my running shoes

Stolen from one my favorite blogs, runner12!  He is not just a funny, amusing blogger but very inspiring and part of the "From Fat to Finish line- the documentary" about a group of 12 runners who have all lost a significant amount of weight and are now going to run a ragnar relay

I LOVE that!! I was really wanting to run today but I was still feeling shin pain in my left leg.  It started yesterday early afternoon at the beach and the more we walked, even in sneakers, the more it bothered me.  Mostly it was dull on the front of my shin, but at times it felt sharp.  My fear of not being able to run the next day was actually causing me some distress and near the end of the night, even though I was having an awesome time, I felt like I couldn't get my compression socks on fast enough to get relief.

As I re-read that last sentence I can't believe those thoughts came out of my brain. I was worried about not being able to run the next day?!?!  I was more concerned about potentially having to take another rest day than I was about the delicious Kohr's I was enjoying...?!?!  I have officially lost my mind. 

And it feels darn good to be crazy! :)  Luckily the compression socks, stretching, and elevating my feet in the car did actually help (thank goodness).  But, even so, I had some lingering pain in my shins this morning and I made the smart, although reluctant decision, to forgo a run and spin instead.  That is...until my work schedule interfered with a call that went really late, so I checked out the new (for me) combo ellipticals at the gym.  Awesome!  Much harder and more variety/options than a typical elliptical, and I had fun doing the "training 3" setting for 50 minutes.  And then a nice long foam roll and stretch afterwards.  My IT Band is finally making some progress- it doesn't hurt nearly as much to roll as it used to.

ooooo pretty....

Note to self- remember that cross training is good for many reasons.  That being said, I want at least 4 miles tomorrow after work- it is going to be a super stressful day and I am going to need the release.  I will even tolerate a treadmill run.  I am going to wear compression sleeves all day and hopefully my legs will still want to run after a long day of presenting aka standing in heels.

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  1. Make sure someone takes a picture of you in those heels, and it's time to update the weight loss in your About Me section! :-p