Tuesday, July 3, 2012

NHS 10 year reunion

Saturday night was my 10 year high school reunion.

It was awesome!! The organization committee did a great job and there was a great mix of people there.  I obviously wish there was more of my old group from high school there, but it was mainly people I barely knew.  Although, 2 of the very most important people from high school were there- the Jens (Huang and Sprout).  We had a full blown JCJ (Jen Colleen Jen) reunion and it was awesome!!  I got so many compliments on my weight loss (especially from those that saw me near the end of college) and my dress.  I actually had a random girl come up and compliment my dress and ask me where I got it.  So cool.  So MAJOR props to Jen Cohen who went shopping with me and helped put together my whole fabulous look!  I will take credit for pulling the dress because I saw it first and I fell in love but she helped me decide and I'm SO glad I went with this dress and the sexy shoes.....even if I still have the scars on my feet to prove the pain.

JCJ reunion!

Adrian and I met first at Jen H's place to see her family and take some classic, hs inspired pictures.  Classic, I know!  It was nice to see her dad again- after all I've known Jen and her family since 4th grade!! Bayard for life!

Jen H and I :)

We had to get Adrian in on the action!

So just bear with me through lots of pictures....it's what you do at reunions.  I just wish I had gotten a shot of myself solo (especially the back of the dress because it was KILER and a good one of Adrian and I together with nobody else.  Such is life when you are having too much fun for your own good! 

from left: Jen Sprout (now Forster), me, Jen Huang, and Andy Hazzard.
me with Amanda L- our moms used to work together

me with Keith Mod- better friends in college than hs oddly enough

so great to reconnect with Jen S (now F!)

The below two pictures are classic and were talked about several times during the night.  The old one (on left) was taken at our JCJ graduation party in 2002.  That's right we had a joint graduation party, that's how awesome we were!  The new one was obviously taken at the reunion.  The tall, very nice guy, in the back is Al who was our senior class president. One of the nicest guys I have every known in my life.


So now that you have been overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) with pictures.....I am off to get a good night's sleep after my yummy hi carb whole wheat penne dinner.  Because tomorrow I am getting up at the butt crack of dawn so I can totally rock out a 6+ mile run in this crazy heat before I melt in my clothes.

Ummm until I just looked at the weather report and it's going to be 82 DEGREES with 90% humidity at 6am tomorrow morning. WHAT?!  Apparently waking up early is not even going to be worth it.  I am going to enjoy some extra sleep and suffer through those miles on the treadmill with my wonderful new, shiny gym membership.

REALLY WEATHER?! Colleen wants to run, you better take notice!

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