Friday, July 27, 2012

Shopping in Nashville!

There is one big aspect of my weight loss journey that is both thrilling and intimidating to me: shopping.
Really, it’s more thrilling than anything else.  Once I got out of the dreaded and much hated plus sizes, I felt like my wardrobe exploded into endless possibilities. At my heaviest, weighing in over 400 lbs I had pretty much zero options. If I found something that fit I wore that.  I didn’t wear anything fitted- everything was baggy and flowing, with elastic or drawstring waistbands pretty much always.  The nice thing about those pants- they expand with you as you grow and you don’t even realize it.  I was all about denial. I bought most of my clothes from Walmart then.  Not because I chose to, but because I didn’t have a choice.  After all, you could get sizes up to 5x at Walmart.
Today I didn’t shop in Walmart or Lane Bryant.  I haven’t had to shop in either of those stores for months now.   Lane Bryant gave me a lot more options once I was in the “normal” plus size range that they covered but I was totally pigeon holed into their style.  I didn’t have my own style when I shopped there- I had theirs.  I realize that I could have gone to other plus size stores but for some reason I didn’t.  Lane Bryant was comfortable for me because I knew things would fit there, I knew my size, and their style worked for me at work.  LB was good for me, but I am so glad that I never have to shop there again because it truly isn’t my style. 
Today I lost myself in Saks 5th Avenue- Off 5th, aka their outlet store.  I also LOVE the Nordstrom’s Rack.   While playing I tried on so many different pairs of designer shoes that looked incredible I lost count.  My favorite- a pair of Minolo Blaniks strappy stilettos that were sexy as anything and made my legs and butt look BAM.  I died a little bit because I couldn’t convince myself to purchase them- they were only about $450 which is good for Minolos, but WAY over my budget, DUHH.  I am still dreaming about those shoes and this pair of Michael Kohrs nude peep toe pumps with a cheetah accent on the sole. Killer!
And then after almost choosing a new Coach AND Michael Kohrs bag (talked myself out of both, don’t worry)…. I got to the clothes…..angels were singing.  I tried on so many different designers, including a pair of originally priced $250 jeans.  FYI, $250 jeans are that expensive for a reason.  I have never seen my butt and legs look that good in jeans, and I probably never will again.  But even on sale they were $150, people!  So alas, no phenomenal jeans, but…I did get a killer blue Calvin Klein dress. 

Yeah, I know...the compression socks are super sexy, I know you are super jeaulous.  I took a picture to send to hubby and Jen because sometimes a girl needs a second opinion before thunking down some dough.   I picked it out because I thought it would be an appropriate work dress at a meeting.  Certainly not a hospital visit as it hits above the knee and there’s no way I could restrain a big dog in it without flashing half the hospital both pairs of girly bits.  With the Ft. Lauderdale, FL meeting coming up in a month I hope I can shed another few pounds and it will look that much better.   It’s going to be hot as anything in FL because it will be late August and I really should wear as many skirts and dresses as possible to keep cool.  Or knock some socks off and look professional hot, however you want to look at it, lol.  
PS- the dress…it’s a size 10. What what?!  That’s right, designer size 10.  Loving it!  I am still a while from a size 8 but I hope I will eventually get there.  If not, I am THRILLED to be a size 10 and could stay there happily. :)

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  1. Haha, girly bits. You're so goofy. I love it! :-p