Monday, July 16, 2012

Recent Workouts

Jen C and I just got back from an awesome weekend in Williamsburg, VA!  I'm going to do a post about it once pictures go up because everyone knows a story is better with pictures.  Jen has an awesome water proof case for her iphone so we took a bunch of pictures in the water park- hopefully some come out, lol.

So until then.... here's a recent workout since a birdy told me the last workout of the day post was very popular.  This was a strength training circuit I did on Friday at the gym.  I started with 25 minutes on the combo elliptical to get my heart pumping.

2 sets of 15 reps (unless otherwise specified) 

-bosu squats
I try to get my legs this parallel to the ground!

- bosu speed side squats- fun!

I do these fast with a little hop on the bosu to get your heart rate up

- traveling lunges with 5 lb dumbbell arm swing. I swing with the opposite arm as the leg that is lunging forward, you could also do the same arm as the leg leading.
nice form!

- bosu forward leg lunges- one leg with 5lb shoulder press, one leg with 5lb shoulder extension
I need my sneakers, though!

- curtsy lunges with jumps in between- Just found this video of it- definitely going to try adding the step, that looks like an awesome add in! Usually I do them with a little leap in between sides for extra cardio vascular burn.

- 5lb bicep curls on bosu - this time, just standing because I was focusing on my curl form. Usually I do these as a combo with a squat.
- 5lb tricep extensions - focusing on form here.
- passovers with balance ball - this is killer on your lower abs. KILLER.

- bicycle crunches on the floor

another good one!

- crunches on balance ball (25 reps per set)

In other workout related news, I had a nice 3 mile run on the treadmill Thursday which felt pretty good after my shin pain earlier in the week.  Then I busted out 7 miles on the treadmill on Saturday!  After my last 7 miler I feel much more confident that this was definitely 7 miles- and at my normal 12 min/mile pace.  I felt good and even tried out a cliff shot block (just one) to see how my tummy would take it in a controlled environment like the gym where I could hit the bathrooms if needed.  No need, it was great and MAN did I feel that extra energy- I felt like I could have run much longer, but needed to get home for a shower before our Williamsburg trip. I was a sweaty nasty mess when I got home, which of course felt incredible. duhhhh.  I love a really good sweat, people!  An extra perk of the shot block is that I still felt that extra energy long after I finished.  It might also just be a coincidence because I was super excited about the road trip, we will see in future tests, lol.

I also ran 4.5 miles today in beautiful Colonial Williamsburg!  It was hot and humid as all get out, but it was worth braving the heat to get such a unique run under my belt in such a lovely setting.  Ashton gave me a suggested route and it was a great run with good footing for the most part.  Old school cobble stones are not fun to run on, fyi.  But the well kept brick sidewalks are almost the same as pavement I learned (thank goodness). 

I'm going to try to keep to running every other day and not get my mileage for the week up too high like I did 2 weeks ago when I ran 5 days of the week.  While I would love to run 5 days a week, I think it's best for my legs to keep it to 3-4. Sad.  But I do love cross training, I just need to keep that in mind! :)

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  1. Yay, Williamsburg! I might just have to run with you the next time we go (at least some of the time, hehe)