Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day

Happy National Running Day!!

Yeah, that's my badge.  I have so many reasons why I run....for my health, to feel free of my stress and other BS, so that I can eat dessert, because I enjoy it, but most of all...because I CAN.  Years ago, I would never have been able to imagine running a mile, let alone 10.  I couldn't imagine running for FUN! After all, who in their right mind does that?  Apparently, I'm not in my right mind.

Well, the past two days I've had some really nice runs thinking about national running day.  Yesterday Adrian and I ran together at Honeygo Run Park after dinner.  It was super crowded, which made it more fun.  Only did a short run- 2 miles.  Earlier in the day, I had to return the no good running skirt (it's a nice skirt, just didn't work for me) to Lululemon and ended up getting some new gear.  See below for an entire outfit- loving them so far!  The crops are awesome- it feels like you aren't wearing anything.  Hope I'm still feeling that way when I run in 90 degree weather. lol.

Hello Lululemon

I'm especially happy that my soreness, which was still bothering me at the beginning of my run yesterday, was all but a happy memory this morning.  So I laced up for what I wanted to be a 4-5 mile run.  On my way out, I decided the weather was just too beautiful to not hit the trails so I laced up my trail shoes.  

On the move at Gunpowder Falls
It was GORGEOUS out!  There was a lot of people, dogs, and random wild animals out keeping me company, and I enjoyed passing by every one.  I have been trying to unplug more, and one thing I've been doing is no music on the trails.  It's so wonderful to just focus on the run itself and enjoy your surroundings.  To be so easily amused by things like jumping over logs and smiling as you think about horses while doing so.  Also, I have to stay so focused on the path in front of me so I don't fall on my butt, face, or twist an ankle.  I did manage to twist my ankle today- when I took a second to check my garmin for my heart rate.  Apparently the trail running gods didn't appreciate my garmin obsession. Sorry!

At first I was going to stick to the mainly flat out and back trail along the river, but after looking at the trail map I decided to go on the Wildlands Trail that was a 2 mile loop through the woods and then grab the Stocksdale trail to get back to Big Gunpowder Trail to get back to the parking lot.  What I didn't realize was the amount of intensive technical climbing that would commence....holy crap.  It's also crazy how much more difficult it is to take those super rocky trails down hill, especially how much harder it is on your feet.  At points I actually had to really focus on letting my heels focus to give the balls of my feet a little relief  By the end of 3.5 miles or so, I could feel some hot spots sprouting up on my feet.  It felt like I could push through it, so I finished out the trail down to the small falls. the trip back (a little over a mile) to the car, I decided I needed to give my hot spots a break and walked over any rocky areas, only jogging on sand or dirt. 

And yup....I have blisters on each of my feet- in different places oddly enough.  On the back of my left big toe and side of the ball of my right foot.  Both pretty small, but I put blister bandaids on them before heading to work.  Hopefully it will help because I want to get a 6 mile in on Saturday morning and that would suck with these blisters.

So, happy national running day! I would also love some advice from my friends on the blister issue...

Why do you run?
What do you do when you get a blister?


  1. I run for my health, to help control my weight, for the physical and mental challenge, for the sense of accomplishment...

    I just leave the blister alone and do nothing.

    1. Great reasons to run, Linda!

      Thanks- this isn't my first blister by far, but I'm never really sure what to do. Do you keep running when you have them or take a day or 2 off?