Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Coming crawling back....

I'm so sorry! I've been a bad blogger for the past couple months.  It's funny because when I run I come up with all these ideas around new blog posts....and then I just...don't do anything about it.  Bad blogger.

Well, I do have some rather exciting news for those that aren't my facebook friends and therefore haven't had to experience my recent obsession around this one specific thing:

O yeah, that's right, I have a new goal race, on September 15th!!  I took advantage of the reduced registration fee during national running day, so I obviously rule. duh.

I was originally thinking I would do the Harrisburg Half, which I had registered for last year and had to pull out less than 3 weeks before the race because I came up with a hamstring injury.  I saw running Harrisburg as my redemption opportunity.  Ultimately, though, this race is closer to the majority of my friends and family and thinking about doing a rock 'n' roll marathon series race just gets me all giddy.  Silly? Probably but it's all good and I'm excited- that's what matters!

Pretty in Pink!
So I've been lacing up my favorite zero drop shoe: Altra Intuition 1.5 and hitting both the pavement and the trails to mix it up.  I've been doing mostly road running because I learned long distances in my trail shoes = blisters. Not cool.  Gonna try some wool socks to see if that helps.  I've been running in nothing but polyester blend socks since I started seriously running over a year ago, and they have always worked.  However I've never run 5 miles on a super technical trail before like I did a couple weeks ago.... The result was a small blister on each foot, and I don't want to stop running trails and increasing my distance on them to boot.

Love these socks! 

I've been running in Gold Toe Power Sox for years, and I love them for any fitness activity, and haven't run in anything else for at least a year.  Great support, breath-ability and never had blister issues before.  I'm worried it may be the shoes, but want to try a new sock first...So...

What kind or brand of socks do you run in?


  1. I've been running the last few months in Nikes. I'm not sure what type of sock they are, but they have extra cushioning in certain parts of the sock and there's a right and a left sock! I didn't get any blisters during my last half. I also have a pair of NB socks I got in my goody bag from the LI Half and they're a lot like the Nike socks.

    Have fun in Philly! I want to do a Rock 'n' Roll eventually!

    1. nice, I have a pair of Adidas socks that sound similar but unfortunately they are a little big on me so tend to shift a little. Maybe I should give Nikes a chance- thanks!

  2. Getting involved in the Rock & Roll races will be HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! The moment you see the medals for participating in 2, 3, 5, 10 races, just makes you start drooling of how much you want them! Okay...maybe I'm a little weird, but the medals are awesome!

    1. Medals are totally awesome, you are so right on!