Thursday, November 14, 2013

Interesting flight

I had one of the most fascinating and thought provoking conversation with a stranger tonight on the plane ride home from Atlanta, GA.... To sum up quickly how I am feeling right now:

This person reminded me of the importance of this.  If I had let the fear of striking out take over there is no way I would have lost 50 lbs, let alone 250.  Losing weight is a difficult and scary thing no matter how much need to lose.   Starting a weight loss journey knowing you have to lose 200+'s terrifying,  overwhelming, intimidating, intense, and at times seems just plain impossible.  As I was talking about my blog, I was reminded of the theme of my blog: No more excuses.  Ever since my foot injury in July, I've been letting a lot of excuses get in the way of fitting in more activity....I'm feet hurt...I miss running....and on and on.  I've let them bog me down and affect my mood instead of standing up and figuring out what I could have been doing instead of sulking.

But, I passed that hump 2 weeks ago, and now I know one thing for a fact:

To be continued...

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  1. I know you will bounce back from injury! Don't be so hard on yourself!