Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello muscles, welcome back to work

Friday my doctor finally gave me the green light on my elbows. Meaning I can gently ease back into normal activity, including repetitive motion!


Yeah....not so much- it's gonna take a long time to get back to where I was and even longer after that to have diamonds of perhaps skin removal surgery. Before I move back to my current topic, I've realized lately that I don't think I can avoid not having skin removal in certain areas and still be the level of athlete I want to be. Chafing is a monster with red pointy horns that won't leave you alone when you have more skin than you should. Extra skin that not only looks gross but gets in the way when you are busting your butt.

So, I lifted with Emily today which made me all giddy like a kid with a new toy- trying all different kinds of moves and positions to see how my arms would take it. Lots of fun! It's crazy how much more difficult a squat or lunge is with some weight in your hands. It's honestly been so long I forgot. Even if it was only a combined 8 lbs. Yeah....4 lb dumbbells make me want to cry in frustration BUT you have to walk before you run. I need to be SUPER careful not to flare this injury up which will probably make me mega paranoid about every thing my muscles tell me.

Slow but steady wins this race...


  1. Good job! Ease into it slowly. Good form is crucial when doing compound lifts like squats. Build good habits from the begining. Excited to see how ripped, lean, and strong you can get. Keep us all posted.

    1. thanks! It's going well and my upper body strength is building

  2. A very close friend of mine had the skin removal procedure done on her arms, breasts and tummy. I actually spent the week after the surgery with her to help her recover.

    The before and after are unbelievable. She too was an athlete and while vanity played a part she was more interested in being able to move forward with her fitness goals. Surgery was her answer.

    Love you!

    1. oooo we gotta talk more about this on fb. I have a friend that had skin removal all over as well but I didn't see her before- just what she looks like now. Yes, it is partially vanity but mainly function being the reason why I feel like I need it done.