Thursday, January 10, 2013


Tuesday was my tennis elbow surgery... therefore I am writing this entry with only my left hand- talk about dedication. Or perhaps boredom, lol.

First off, I am forever grateful to my mom who was there with me every step of the way.  She came Monday night for dinner and stayed over night to take me to the hospital in the morning.  She was wonderful throughout all the waiting...which was substantial.  When I scheduled the surgery- they said it was an 11:00am surgery and to be there at 9:00am.   We got there and checked in right at 9....and I didn't even start getting prepped for surgery until 11:15.  Then more waiting...

But in the end of course it all worked out!  I remember all the joking around in the surgery suite and all the prep, then I was waking up and they were asking me questions.  The pain was the sharpest right after waking up and they kept pumping me up with meds until my pain was a 5 (0-10 scale).  The entire staff was funny and kind, and I felt like they all cared for me as a person.  I was at Union Memorial Hospital, which is the same place that I go for my sports med doctor and of course the Curtis National Hand Center where I see Dr. Segalman, the surgeon who worked on my elbow. 

Before the surgery, Dr. Segalman came in to cover what he was doing- which was de-breeing the area and shaving down the bone (sounds scary!!) so the tendon could reconnect.  We also talked about my left elbow pain and he suggested having marcaine (think novacain) mixed with my own blood injected into my elbow.  We went for it- and holy cow is there a MEGA bruise there- hence the reason why I've been icing both arms.

I wrote most of this entry in many small stints yesterday and then some more today and am having a hard time finishing being so painful and drowsy..... so enjoy a visual of this huge soft cast and icing my other arm while I get some more meds...

Ding watching over me!