Friday, February 21, 2014

Bad scale!

I weighed in at Weight Watchers on Wednesday and my weigh in showed a gain....

of 7 lbs!!

This was my reaction:

yeah....Even factoring in that I was probably wearing an extra lb or 2 in heavy clothing after a busy work day without being able to change into weigh in clothes- and I haven't weighed in for 2 weeks.....7 lbs is nuts.

I busted my tail while in Phoenix- with double workouts nearly every day and I did 2 strength training workouts during the week, including 2 ab ripper X from P90X!  This is a great improvement over my lackluster strength training routine over the past couple months.  Overall I did a good job with my food choices.  I only had desert once a day, if that- and I tried to walk as much as possible when not sitting.  Also, I was feeling thin all week- and kept hearing from everyone how great I looked.  I can usually tell when I'm a few lbs over in the way my clothes feel- but not at all here!

I felt like I had literally been punched in the stomach.  Quite literally, actually.  I was nauseous all night that night- not sure if it's from the stress or those peanut butter M&Ms at my work meeting on Wednesday (yeah, I had some candy- but it was in moderation!)

I am trying to keep my head on straight this week, I'm doing a week of simply filling- which focuses on eating whole, clean foods.  Something I already do, but with the simply filling program you only count points for the food that is NOT a power food.  And power foods are foods I typically eat a lot of- fruits, veggies, lean protein, fat free dairy, whole grains, etc.

What do you do when you see something you weren't expecting on the scale?


  1. OMG! My scale has been bad, since I've been WAY over-eating and not working out/running like I used to, but I got on my f-i-l's scale on Wednesday night after eating and drinking a ton and I was NOT prepared for what it told me!! So, I'm back on track (again) and not weighing in for a while and only on MY scale (naked 1st thing in the morning!!)!!

    1. stupid scale! yay for getting back on track! :)

  2. Oh my goodness girl! I believe in you! You can do it! I remember when I first started my 30 day shred, I gained like 2 lbs and they wouldn't come off for like 2 weeks it was really starting to irritate me!

    Btw, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out and do it when you have time :)

    1. Thanks!! And yay- I will totally check that out and fill it out soon! Cool :)