Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Adrian for the win!

My husband has always been very supportive of my weight loss and he showed everyone just how awesome he is today :D

I was back at my usual Wednesday evening weight watcher meeting tonight after reaching my 200 lb loss mark last Monday in Fairfield. It was great to reach the goal, obviously, but it didn't feel as real until I told Joni, my awesome leader. She is the reason why I keep going to Wednesday night meetings even though with my schedule Monday nights would be easier. Her and the entire crew there- Carol, Judy, and Pam are fantastic too and always make me feel great weighing in no matter what the scale says. The whole dynamic of the group that goes to the meeting is so fun and it just doesn't feel the same without everyone there. Joni has said it before and she is so right. That's why you have to try out different meetings if you don't feel like you
"click" with your leader or group.

So....we are finishing up the meeting and Joni said she had a special activity and needs a helper and she asks me to come up front and sit down....and then proceeds to put a crown on my head and hand me a wand with a 200 star on it. I was in was a big celebration for me and my weight loss!! She gave a me a huge hug and when I turned around, there was ADRIAN with a beautiful vase of flowers and balloons!!! I couldn't believe it, I almost started crying I was so happy. Then she opened the floor for people to acknowledge how I have motivated them and ask me questions. It was awesome!! The ww team gave me an awesome ww power food cookbook with messages and signatures from everyone, including Mr. Bill (a previous receptionist). I love weight watchers and my husband is awesome! :) He emailed my leader so they could organize this whole thing- so fantastic! I'm so blessed to have so many supportive people in my life. Just earlier today I was feeling stressed and my sister was of course supportive and fantastic, as always. And I have so many other friends and family members that have been supportive of me the whole time. Much love! <3

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