Monday, December 5, 2011

Feeling GREAT!

Wow.....awesome past couple days working out with my sister which led to a...drum roll please....4.2 lbs weight loss on the scale!! That means I have lost an INCREDIBLE 201.8 lbs!!!

When I was at the scale and the receptionist told me I had a great week (actually 5 days since I weighed in last on Wednesday) I thought "Ok so I lost a pound, awesome!" After all, I really wanted to reach my 200 lb weight loss with my leader, Joni. (Who am I kidding I wanted it as soon as possible!!)

And then I opened my eyes and saw the numbers...upside down so I was in complete disbelief until I turned the book around and saw the numbers in black and white: -165.8 lbs. I lost 36 lbs before joining weight watchers, so that means total I had lost 201.8 lbs. After restarting my heart I started jumping around and barely got out the words "I made 200 lost!" The receptionist rushed around the table and gave me a big hug. She is the best part of this Monday meeting I go to when I can't go to my preferred Wednesday meeting. She has also lost over 100 lbs and looks incredible. It's nice to have another weight watcher to talk to about losing so much because most people just can't possibly understand what it is like to have to lose a huge amount of weight. It doesn't make them less awesome at reaching their goal, but it's a different process when you need to lose 20 lbs to reach your goal weight than when you have to lose 250 lbs. I know sometimes it can be that much more challenging because the weight comes off very slowly, but let's face the music- it's different.'s snoopy dance time!!! Join in!


  1. Peanuts and you go hand in hand - the best comic ever and the best woman ever! :-p

  2. You rock chica!! What an amazing milestone!

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  4. Dammit... I don't have blogger set up anymore, so now my comments just look a mess. hahaha

    Congratulations on that super awesome accomplishment. I know you worked hard to get where you are, and every time I see you I just wanna be like, "You look amazing!!" You really are inspirational, like Tanya said. :)