Sunday, November 6, 2011

Goodbye old clothes!

This weekend has been full of fun and activities and some purging of my old life as well.

We were actually in Gettysburg this weekend, and since I finally have friends to hang out with (It took long enough, huh?) Saturday was a blast! Spin class was surprisingly small because apparently the regulars were feeling lazy or had something better to do at 8:45 am on a Saturday morning (I know, what could be better than spin?!) which didn't hamper the overall awesomeness of a totally new set of music. Speaking of which, I finally came out of the closet to my husband last night after drinking a shot of delicious cake vodka (before you get on my case- yes I counted all of the alcohol I drank last night! I'm a good little weight watcher and tracked in my phone right after every drink!).

If you've already heard the rumors they are true- I love Britney Spears!! ::hides::

In reality, I love current pop and hip hop music in general. I know, shocking, right? Not really- it's the best music to workout to! Don't worry, I still enjoy classic rock in the car, but who really wants to listen to the Beatles when you are trying to get yourself pumped up for a hard core workout? If that's what floats your boat, then good for you- but I love some good Pit Bull, LMFAO or Britney Spears any day.

I can honestly say that 2 years ago I never would have admitted this. Sounds ridiculous, but my whole life I have always been so conscious about what others think of me and since most of my friends (and husband) are avid classic rock fans why would I ever tell them that while my favorite band is still 100% the red hot chili peppers- I love Britney and Justin? This exact problem actually cost me a few friendships when I was in middle school. The girls said I was too pliable and that I didn't have my own strong opinions or views (so insightful in 7th grade!). I haven't been that bad since high school- but it's the same basic idea.

So, getting back to the great day now that you know my dirty secret....After spin and a brutal, leg heavy circuit with Emily she told me all about this clothing drive that the boy scouts were doing at the outlets- bring in 10 articles of clothing and get a $10 gift card. SWEET!! So, after stuffing my face with an egg beater, veggie, and turkey sausage omelet (heavenly) and cleaning off the grime of an hour and a half in the gym (not so heavenly) I tackled my closet head on.

Before I knew it I had spent over an hour trying on almost every article of clothing in my closet including shirts, shorts, jeans, skirts, and dresses. I had already decided to donate everything that was too big....which was more than half my closet. Except for my work clothes that is, which I am very diligent about keeping up with my current size- to the dismay of my bank account. By the end of the marathon of shopping my closet, I had bagged up almost 40 articles of clothing. That's not even including several items that I have ear marked for friends or loved ones that are my old size and could use the clothes. Holy overload of big clothes! Believe it or not, I just did this less than a year ago....

The end result- I brought in all 6 grocery bags full of clothes and then immediately used my $10 gift card to buy size L (eek yay!) workout pants at the Adidas outlet. SCORE!

For me, it feels very cathartic to remove all the clothing from my sight that are too big. I've heard of many people that hold onto some of their "fat clothes" just in case they gain the weight back. I REFUSE to gain this weight back. It has been way too hard thus far- too much blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this process of finding myself to just give up now when I can see my goal ahead of me! I am way too stubborn to go backwards in my progress ever again. There is no way I want to let myself tip the scales as high as I did in 2009 or even come close to it. I know that I will have more slip ups and some weekly gains and fluxuations, but I'm confident that I will never have to buy the size clothing I just donated again. I am woman- hear me ROAR!


  1. Another winner! :-) Though I can totally work out to The Beatles!

  2. I had a good laugh over your hesitant acceptance of loving top 40 and hip hop. I too am a HUGE lover of all things Brittany, JT, Rhianna, Usher, Eminem...the list goes on and on. You're right, it's the best stuff of workout to!

    Congrats on cleaning out your closet! Thrift and consignment stores are a great way to freshen up the wardrobe on a budget! :)

  3. I'm keeping my fat pants for winter and ONLY winter. It's easier to wear long-johns in bigger pants.

    Pop Music is pretty fantastic. A lot of people consider it a guilty pleasure, but I do not. It's been my experience that people that judge your love of pop music just aren't comfortable with admitting that love with themselves! I have my Backstreet Boys posters (currently hanging in my room) to attest for my love of pop music; boy bands especially.

    I am suggesting Wynter Grodon to add some variety to your routine. Girl's got pipes.

  4. I love Britney Spears, actually. Took me a while to be able to admit this. :)

  5. hahaha I'm pleasantly surprised to hear, Tanya ;)