Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What are you grateful for?

This week hasn't gotten any better.....Aside from some time with Jen, I can't get the pain of my feet, especially my left foot, off my mind.  So, to help with that, I want to focus a post on what I am grateful for.  I even had some facebook friends join in on the fun, so I'm going to include what they are grateful for, too :)

- I'm grateful for an awesome and supportive husband.  Adrian is there for me no matter what I'm struggling or excited about. Truly there for the good and bad, the thick and thin- literally!  I couldn't ask for a better partner to share my life with.

Adrian and I at my sister's wedding, December 2012

- I'm grateful for fun and loving friends and family!

With Jen H at Yankee Stadium, summer 2012

- I'm grateful for Ding! Who wouldn't love this little guy? :)


- I'm grateful for Dancer and Piney! I love our horses- even if sometimes they result in some pain :)

Me with Dancer, summer 2012
Mom on Piney, summer 2012

And here are some things others are grateful for from facebook....

I'm thinking of doing an entry later tonight or this week about the little things I'm grateful for....I want to hear what YOU are grateful for! I might include some in my blog 

Thanks to everyone that commented and helped spark my thoughts :)

What are you grateful for?


  1. Finally realizing I don't have to be perfect to make progress.

  2. I'm grateful for you too, baby. You've helped me make it through this difficult year. Thank you!

  3. So glad you did this post! Yay for gratitude lists. :)

    I'm grateful for family and friends. Having a job and health insurance. and a very simple thing that I enjoy so much: my daily cup of tea. it's the best moment of my day. :)