Sunday, August 11, 2013

What's best for ME?

Is there a bit of an echo here?  Perhaps from all the empty space....

I keep starting entries or coming up with ideas of what to write (I was even given a great idea from a friend, Lauren that I would like to work on another day).  I actually started this post last night then got distracted when my husband came home.

And now....I have had another set back.  My reaction is to continue to be silent on my blog because I try to live a positive life and find the silver lining.  So, I didn't want to come on here and complain.  But, also this blog is for ME and to help me stay on plan and focused, and right now I need to write.

Today was a roller coaster of a day....I had SUCH a great time riding my horse, Dancer with my mom. I really mean great- no pain in my feet!  Although, my legs and ankles were telling me it's been too long since I've been on horseback or strength training! I took every precaution I could think of...I warned my mom ahead of time in case I pulled Dancer up when we were running, I mounted from a tall mounting block so I wasn't putting too much pressure on my foot, I sat to the trot and canter as much as possible to not add any extra pressure on my feet, and I even dismounted onto a mounting block so I wouldn't be jumping down.  That last one....I hate doing because it makes me feel silly, awkward, and like a beginner.  But, I figured- it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, I need to do what's best for ME.

From months ago with me on Dancer, Kevin on Piney
So you might be thinking to yourself....why isn't this a rejoiceful post?

Well, because as I was bathing Dancer afterwards, he does what he does sometimes...he starts dancing around me like a fool and BAM.  I get stepped on. Again.  Same foot I've been stepped on now 3 times in the past 8 months- my right foot.

Hard to see any detail...but it hurts...

My reaction was more anger than anything else, which is quite unusual for me around the horses.  I am the most centered around them and anger hardly ever comes out.  But I swore up and down not because I was in so much pain in that moment....but because I knew how this would set back my recovery.  It was what would typically be a minor injury but, with my foot already super is now a bit swollen and I am more than a bit nervous.  I've had ice on it off and on, and have been keeping it elevated since I got home.

So, the way I see it....

I really only have one choice- give it all I've got.  Looks like even more rest, ice, compression, and elevation in my near future.

How do you keep your spirits up during an injury or set back? Help!


  1. Oh no! That's horrible! I guess there aren't any special shoes to wear around horses that could prevent injury, huh? I guess the only thing to do is just know that this too shall pass. Keep your attitude positive and things will get better.

    1. I could wear steel toe boots, but it would be challenging to wear all the time because you can't ride in them.

      thanks Linda, this will pass...

  2. "Give it all you've got!"
    Love that.

    I try to think of things that I'm grateful for, come up with a gratitudes list. Since I can't really run or jog anymore, I think, Ok, I'm thankful that I can still walk, and do other sports and exercises, like swimming and rock climbing. It's still tough, but it helps me to be reminded of other things that I'm thankful for. :)

    You're awesome!

    1. I love the gratitude list, I will definitely do that, thanks!