Monday, May 21, 2012

10k or no?

So I have been looking (very casually) for a good 10k race to run as one of my next goals.  And then one fell in my lap via Emily and I got super excited, checked out the race and it was perfect- flat, close by, a good first 10k.  I could totally demolish this race!

And then reality came crashing down around me.....because the race is June 2nd. And I learned about the race on May 19th....

So I would need to double my average running distance to do this race and in 2 weeks time.  The next day Emily reminded me that you only want to increase your running distance 10% a week. So, no ArtShip 10k for Colleen.  Actually kinda bummed about this because I already had down which runs I would do in the 2 weeks leading up to it. But, the last thing I need is to end up with an injury because I was too quick to increase my running distance.  I've been running mainly 2-3 miles about 2-3 days a week with a few 4 mile runs thrown in, so it would definitely pushing it to get to 6.2 miles in just 2 weeks.  I know my body could do it....but at what cost?  If there is one thing this elbow issue is bringing to my attention it's the importance of rest and preventing injury.

I want to listen, Tony!

But I did go out and have a decent (albeit hot and hilly) run on Sunday.  I've had this mental issue for a long time against walking at all when I run.  I get it in my head that if I walk I won't be able to run again.  Well Sunday it was hot, sunny and I was sick.  Yeah, darn sore throat/head colds they really suck, especially when you are trying to move oxygen through your lungs. But I worked through it, and took a couple mini walking breaks. And you know what? It was freaking awesome. I was still able to run the majority of that last mile and I finished my 4 mile run like planned, then walked another mile as a cool off and did a nice long stretch at the Y.

So, sorry Tony- I might not bring it for the 10k race but I am bringing it every day!

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  1. 4 miles?!!? damn girl!! love it!! rockstarrrrr <3