Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Awesome day

Disclaimer: This blog post is totally vain, and darn it I'm allowed a vain moment where I enjoy a good compliment. Haters can step off :P

So there are some days that just suck...

Today was NOT one of those days! (finally)  Work was great, we had a market meeting and I was in my element.   This is not a brag, just the truth.  I am good at speaking in public and can be very inspiring.  Today was no exception.  I needed a day like today :)

I gave a friend a ride back to her now fixed car in Mechanicsburg and she gave me one of the most awesome and random compliments ever, something along the lines of this: "I mean this in a totally non-sexual way but I couldn't help checking out your butt today.  It looks awesome!! I'm jealous and hate you!" I bust out laughing and couldn't help beaming from ear to ear.   We then had a blast catching up, she rocks my socks!

I grabbed some subway for dinner on the way home and busted out two fast miles outside then headed into the Y to finish out with an incline workout.  George was there again and was so incredibly encouraging I literally could not stop smiling the whole rest of my workout.  There used to be a time when I found him a bit intense but really, he's just a nice guy who is really encouraging to everyone he sees.  It's so infectious and just makes you feel so good.

An occasional dose of ego boost feels sooooo good.


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  2. Hugh Jass- I don't know who you are but please don't spam my blog

  3. that's not being vain, that's being CONFIDENT!!!!! :) yay!