Friday, May 18, 2012

Take control of your own happiness!

"The only person that can make you feel bad about yourself is yourself" my boss reminded me this morning.

I really need to hold onto this quote and take it seriously.  This person was a complete and utter jerk to me earlier in the week harassing me when I'm trying to work out because they wanted to know how much I weighed (WTF?).  First off- that's just screwed up.  Second off-  This is my happy place, where I come to de-stress and feed my soul.  Yeah, yeah, sounds cheezy, but it's true.  When I am having a really bad day I go to a couple different things to find some peace- horseback riding and exercise.  Those are the things I think about to get me through the tough times.  So don't mess with my whoooosa!

But in listening to this quote - I need to take better control of my own happiness.  But, it doesn't hurt though to have great people to help keep me calm and happy, just saying.... 

But those difficult feelings of insecurity can help me as well....I started out with a gentle warmup walk on the treadmill but within 30 seconds I thought again of this jerk and suddenly got spurred on by my anger....and I turned a 5 minute warmup walk into 15 minutes of "nearly falling off the treadmill, sweat dripping off my face and every surface" type workout.  Ever since reading about the benefits of a 15% incline workout, I've enjoyed interjecting them into my workouts when I am feeling like being on the treadmill.  Emily had me working on high incline before, so this is nothing new, but reading about it recently reminded me of how much they kicked my butt!

In case you have never tried getting the incline up higher, I recommend it, especially if you want a good workout for your glutes and legs! A few suggestions from my perspective....
- Build up to having the speed at the fastest walk you can manage before needing to jog.  Then when you feel like you can push higher, step up the speed so you can jog.  I did 30 second intervals of fast walking and jogging today.  I managed to get through it and A- not fall off the treadmill, B- not hold on, C- still have a smile on my face.
- Work up to(or start off) not holding onto the treadmill.  Sometimes it will feel like holding on is your life line, but you CAN do this- I don't hold on ever, including at 15% incline.  Just think, when you are walking up a hill outside do you hold on? Duhhh of course not, there is nothing to hold onto!  Every time I think about wanting to hold on, Dolvette in all of his BL hotness busts into my thoughts with this: GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY TREADMILL!!!!

Mmmmmm Bob and Dolvette. Obviously the real reason I watch BL.  You can bust into my thoughts any day.
That picture is the only one I could find that Dolvette was not smiling- hence about to yell at you as you hold onto the treadmill!  I would love to train with either one of these trainers some day.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to walk the next day because they would beat me into the ground (excellent!) but it would be 200% worth it. 

Dolvette has such a beautiful smile so here ya go....enjoy ladies!

If you thought for a second I would give you a picture of him with a shirt on, you were obviously delusional.

Just remember: The only person that can make you feel bad about yourself is yourself.  Remember to love yourself!


  1. I probably struggle with self-love more than anything else. I'm so lucky to have you around to help me with that. Awesome post!

  2. The incline on the treadmill is a great way to shake it up!

    I too need to remember that I ultimately control my feelings. It's easier to let others influence how I feel because then I don't have to assume responsibility BUT it also means that I feel like shit most of the time. Recently, I've let go of ever looking like I did when I was 20. Not because I don't want to but because I'm not willing to make the sacrifices (read eating disorder) to get there. I would much rather embrace the love handles (thanks Caleb) and let go of the stress of thinking about what I eat every second. There's a great quote "strong is the new skinny" and I couldn't agree more. I would must rather be able to throw my 40 lbs kid around than fit into a size 4!

  3. It's kind of funny how someone asking you how much you weigh made you push it harder on the treadmill. Guess you showed him?

  4. Mmmmmm he's hot....

    Also, you rock!