Monday, May 7, 2012

DOCF Teal blue ribbon 5k race recap

Yesterday was awesome. Plain and simple, it was amazing actually.

Yesterday was the Delaware Ovarian Cancer Foundation's annual teal blue ribbon 5k on the Wilmington waterfront.  My family walked or ran in support of my mom, who was diagnosed 3 years ago and is the strongest, bravest person I know. <3 There was quite a crowd there supporting DOCF, it was awesome to see!

I thought overall the race was well organized except for one minor issue- our registration was missing.  We later discovered the problem was they had put us in the walkers qualification even though we had both registered as runners.  All was fixed and we got signed up and got our chips and t-shirts.  And then....we waited.....and waited.  My mom had told us that start was at 9am- it was actually 9:30am.  In my infinite wisdom I didn't check the registration so us getting there at 8:15 am for a 9:30am start was kinda boring, but we had fun hanging out, warming up forever, and of course it's ALWAYS better to arrive early than late. DUH!

So we had plenty of time to take pictures....

My family complete with the Hughes family and the dogs!
Aren't we awesome?  The Hughes family really is- I'll give you some concrete examples later.

Mom and I hanging out before the race. Much love! <3
The runners waiting at the starting line!
Can I just pause to let it just sink in to my brain that I was one of the runners....

I'm still trying to get over the shock of enjoying running and not just suffering through it because it's good for weight loss. It's pretty incredible. 

I really enjoyed this run! It was pretty flat and had some nice scenery because it was on the Wilmington waterfront most of the time and I ran with my wonderful hubby!  It was actually the first time Adrian and I have run together and hopefully not the last.  We both listening to music so only talked when I was encouraging him or updating him on our pace- I don't even know if he heard me half the time.  At first I thought this would be awkward because any other time I have run with somebody we talked....but it worked for us.

My goals for the race were to A- PR, B-get sub-36 minutes, C- have negative splits (so faster in the last mile than the first).  My previous PR was 42-something so that was going to be cake to beat, but goal B would be pushing my typical pace of 12:00- 12:30 over 3 miles, but I thought it was reachable.

So....I finished at 35:37.4 which was a 11:30 pace!  That obviously KILLED my previous PR and.....I had negative splits, sort of, lol.  My middle mile was a little bit slower, but mile 3 was faster than mile 1....barely. lol.  Also, it took me a bit to remember to hit my watch after we finished, hence ignore the final time (these are the stats from my garmin forerunner). But, look- I did punch the end with a half decent push! :)

Split Time Moving Time Distance Elevation Gain Elevation Loss Avg Pace Avg Moving Pace Best Pace
1 11:27.1 10:55 1 0 0 11:27 10:55 9:11
2 11:37.4 11:35 1 0 5 11:37 11:35 10:39
3 11:21.4 11:00 1 3 0 11:21 11:00 10:08
4 01:24.7 1:21 0.14 0 0 10:13 9:46 7:28
 Summary 35:50.6 34:51.0 3.14 3 5 11:25 11:06 7:28

 My cousins KILLED it!! They both got PRs and Johnny got 1st place in his age group, Genny 2nd place in her age group! Medal winners!! So proud of them!! :)
So in conclusion- awesome race with awesome people!

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  1. It was a fun day with my one and only running buddy! :-)