Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cold go away!

Don't you just love having a cold that seems to linger forever?

This inkling cold started Monday with a little tickle in the back of my throat and went full fledged nasty beast cold Wednesday morning when I woke up with a fever.  And I had to drive around with 2 coworkers for a market tour....greeeaaat.   I struggled through it and by the end of the day my head felt clear enough that I headed to the gym to get my little run in.  My physical therapist had actually suggested running Tuesday and Thursday- 10 minutes each day, 1% grade on the treadmill, comfortable but not easy speed to be able to gauge how my legs were feeling when she saw me next on Friday.

Tuesday I had a market meeting in Towson and I was excited about running all day- but my legs told me a big resounding NO by the time I left the hotel.  It might have been the heels I was wearing all day combined with all the sitting, either way it was a no.  One huge mental battle I've been working on is truly listening to my body and being smart with my workouts.  I really get it now- there were many times that I pushed myself past what I should have and I am paying for it now with these injuries.  I shouldn't have ran that last 8 miles when my legs were already feeling pretty sore and crappy.  Sometimes, we just make stupid decisions, let's face the music.  Well, now I am determined to train smart- and safely.

So on Wednesday, even though my head was a little foggy still, my legs felt solid as a rock and I had a GREAT run under the guidelines Barb had set.  I felt good afterwards as well but couldn't run Thursday obviously because she didn't want me to run two days in a row.  Friday I had physical therapy and felt good right after everything and could have run...but I really needed to get to work and my sore throat was really feeling lousy on top of it.  In my head I would be able to run after I got back from the hospital I was visiting so after a quick change and heading off, I packed a spare changed of clothes to run before I came home.

Well, I made it to the gym and changed even though I just wasn't feeling right.  I foam rolled and stretched well before warming up on the treadmill at a have the familiar and dreaded pain in my hamstring lurking back in the form of some bad stiffness.  So, I did what I should have so many months before....I did NOT run.  I hopped on the elliptical but it didn't feel right there either.  So, with a frustrated and very congested head, I went back to the foam roller and re-rolled plus some extended stretching of my legs and arms.  I left feeling loose and comfortable and wanted to go back and try for a run but I knew it wouldn't have been right.'s Sunday and after a very sick and sore throat/congested day I still have not run and am hoping my body will be thanking me tomorrow by allowing me to get a nice run in at physical therapy.  Saturday was very active though so I wasn't a total wash this weekend.  Adrian did a great job running his Alzheimer's Association Walk on Saturday!   I helped out by being one of the sweepers at the end of the walk picking up all the signs- so I got a good 2.5 mile quite hilly walk in.  Gorgeous weather to boot! I also went riding- but that will have to be another post because it was its own experience!

Go away cold!

Anyone else struggling with your first cold of the season? It sucks!


  1. We always feel so guilty not doing SOMETHING for our bodies, but sometimes that's really what it needs, A BREAK!