Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Indy Heir

My NSV that I shared this week at weight watchers won't surprise many of you- it was that I can enjoy horseback riding again when 3 years ago there wasn't a shot in the world that I could.

This was brought on because..... I HAVE A NEW HORSE!!!

Getting ready to go home
 His name is Indy Heir.  He is a 4 year old (born January 12, 2008), 16.1 hh+ (not sure exactly on height, they are thinking 16.1-16.2 hh) Thoroughbred.  He is directly off the racetrack- that's where we picked him up!  I even rode him while he was still at the track on Saturday afternoon. That was an accilerating experience for sure!  I really didn't want to bring him home unless I could ride him first, and we were told by Karen that it wouldn't be possibile due to insurance issues.  My mom's friend, Karen, who she knows from cancer treatment, is an exercise rider for his stable at Delaware Park and has ridden him many times.  When the trainer started talking about sending him to the auction since we was not doing anything, she convinced him to give him to us.  Yeah, you read that correct- give.  As in, we didn't have to pay anything up front (we all know there is no such thing as a free animal).   This all because she really liked Indy and thought he would make a great riding horse and had way too nice a temperment to be sent to the New Holland auction.  At the auction you really have no idea who he is going to end up with and how he will be treated, and she wanted to ensure he had a good home.  awwww lucky for Indy he made a good friend!

So, after a while of playing around with him in the stall and marveling at his beauty- I just grabbed the bull by the horns and asked the trainer, Randy, if I could ride him.   He agreed as long as after Karen got on him she thought he would be safe with me.  After two quick trips around the stall area she hopped off and I mounted.  For a horse that has never been mounted in any way other than a jockey or exercise rider being given a leg up as he stood or sometimes walked forward.....he stood like a pro as I mounted him from a bucket.  Impressive for us both because he is TALL! 

Let me just mention a few very different things about this ride- I was riding in an exercise saddle which is this tiny little excuse for a saddle for tiny exercise riders and jockies. surprisingly wasn't that bad, and I didn't look bad in it! lol.  Made me feel pretty bad ass that I was able to ride him actually.  He wanted to run around this space we were in, but I was able to bring him down and control him which made me feel pretty powerful.  In the end, the trainer was amazed and I was relieved I didn't fall off or make a fool of myself. lol.  He said I had some serious guts to A- get on him and without any hesitation and B- then I rode him well.

Me on Indy, geared up exercise rider style.

Can I just point out the absolutely incredible pedigree he has?!  He was crafted to be a triple crown winner.  His dam (mom) was purchased while in foal with him for 3 million!  He was purchased for $210,000 as a yearling.

And then he raced......and his grand total of winnings is 1 win of 8 races and $9,040 earned.  Wa wa wa wa.... In comparison, his sire (dad) A.P. Indy earned nearly 3 million!! and won such famous races as the Belmont Stakes (3rd leg of the triple crown) and the Breeders Cup Classic. Holy incredible!  So, lucky for us- he was a dud!

He was a bit of a challenge to load because he's never used a step up trailer before but we eventually got him on and home and he met Dancer and Piney.  It was the funniest thing when he first got off the trailer and onto the lush grash of our front yard- he acted as if he hadn't been fed in days he ate the grass so ravenously.  So funny!  After letting him run around the field a bit, we introduced him to Dancer and Piney. They became fast friends, thank goodness! :)

Indy checking out the trailer

Indy safe at home and ready to be free!

The boys meeting for the first time

Indy and Dancer becoming fast friends

15 minutes after meeting, all is calm and happy
 Welcome Home, Indy Heir!!


  1. SO cool! I live about an hour away from Belmont here on LI and my f-i-l loves to spend a day at the races. I've never been. I'm so glad you have a new buddy. I've seen some horror stories on Animal Planet about horses that are abused or neglected. He's a beauty!

  2. Too cool! :-) How amazing is it that you're living your life to the fullest now?