Friday, October 12, 2012


So I drove 200 miles today....

Yeah it kinda felt like I was on the road the whole day, endless.  I drove all over the place, and managed to take a wrong the way of at least 15 miles out of my way before realizing it.  MAJOR face palm.   Guess why I messed up?  I was on the phone with my mom talking about Indy.  Silly Colleen, driving distracted. BAD.

On another note- I feel like I'm continuing to make progress with my leg (and back!) pain!  After all the driving today I was feeling MEGA stiff and achy, which was totally understandable.  So instead of throwing in the towel and heading home, I ran some errands including grocery shopping.  By the time I was done all the walking around my legs were feeling good.  YES!  So I figured my groceries could keep an hour in the cold- because I didn't want to go home and take the risk of not leaving again.

I did a nice warm up walk around the indoor track for 10 minutes then did my lower body strength training exercises from physical therapy- aka some reverse lunges, squats, reactive hip flexors, etc.  I received some funny looks during my hip flexors exercise- they can hate all they want but it helps my hip mobility.  Then I did my current "allowed" running stint on the treadmill:  a few minutes walking, then 10 minutes running at a comfortable but not easy pace at 1.0% incline, then a few minutes cool down.  My pace was about 5.5 mph and I ran with the metronome going steady at 175 bpm.  And I kept checking my forward lean in the mirror.

See I can be a good physical therapy patient!  I must admit though- I didn't enjoy this run.  I was so focused on my form and my cadence and remembering everything I've learned, that it was hard to enjoy the run itself.  I found myself checking my time a lot and unlike most of my other little runs lately, I was glad to be done after 10 minutes.  O well, not every run can be great, let's face it.

When you are feeling blah and not wanting to work out, what do you do to overcome it and get your butt in gear?


  1. Good jon following "doctor's" orders! Again, I don't know what my form is, but I sure don't want to have to think so much while running! I guess it will come naturally to you soo and you won't have to worry anymore!

  2. What's so weird about hip flexors? Is it you in a sexy pose I hope??

    1. I look like a horse pawing the ground- I will show you :)