Friday, December 21, 2012

Hello from Long Island!

Hello again from another airport! This entry is from ISP, the Long Island, NY airport.  I'm trying to kill some time while I wait for my flight, which was delayed an hour this morning for some reason- probably weather related at a different airport.

The weather was really crazy this morning....wild wind and lots of rain.  Made the roads dangerous and us get started a bit late waiting for everyone to arrive.  But, the EXCEED session today in West Babylon went off without a hitch today, and even ended a few minutes early! I love when I can wrap it up early and still get the full impact.  It's nice for the associates attending but also me!

There has been lots of continued stress over the past 3 days....continued delays at each airport which involved waiting on the tarmac, some issues at each conference room, and a TON of driving.  I drove over 500 miles total between Wednesday and this moment.  Yeah, that's exhausting in case you weren't sure.

I can PROUDLY say that I did NOT turn to food to help cope with my stress.  I had tons of opportunities with all the trail mix and M&Ms that were abundant in my sessions.  But I left them in the trunk after I left each one and munched on fruits and veggies instead on my LONG drives.  My "dessert splurge" last night was a fiber one 90 bar, a little individual packet of peanut butter (less than 1 Tablespoon) and a 100 calorie pack of pistachios.  Delicious treat and healthy.  I had more opportunity to go crazy at each of my hotel breakfast lineups because they both had my Achilles heel when it comes to bread....biscuits....

Tasty devils
Biscuits aren't quite the same as stuffing for me....but I LOVE biscuits and they really provide little nutritional value and pack a lot of points in, so I try to stay away.  Like those yummy cheddar and garlic biscuits that a few restaurants serve....very tempting and hard to pass up. Yummm

Instead, for breakfast yesterday I had a couple tablespoons of oatmeal (it was kinda blah, I had to mix some walnuts in just to make it tolerable), a small scoop of scrambled eggs, and a banana.  Then today I had an egg white omelet with lots of veggies and no cheese (eek gad, crazy I know!) with salsa on top.  I love when hotel's have omelet stations- so awesome! I also went to town on some melon and pineapple.  Y'all know I love melons of all kinds! ;)

I also tried out the recumbent bike with my darn foot on Thursday morning.  Although it's still quite painful to walk in any type of sneaker, I was able to get through a 30 minute workout on the recumbent bike- thanks to a good book to keep me company.  I repeated that again for a 35 minute random hill workout this morning on the recumbent   Also did my progressive clamshell sets (make glute work) and some nice, hard ab work.  I always feel better after a good sweat.  It's vital for my sanity.

Photo: My poor bruised least I have been able to use the recumbant bike for the past 2 days without pain!
My foot this morning. Ouch!

Since the world has officially not ended....we are celebrating tonight with a formal party at a friend's house- I can't wait!  Now I just have to get my butt home and figure out which dress to wear....

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  1. Welcome to Long Island! My husband used to live in WB! What is it that you do again?