Wednesday, December 12, 2012


FINALLY I had a great week on the scale this week!

I LOST 4.2 LBS!! 

I'm really proud of myself- I have worked really hard the past 2 weeks or so and it's finally showing on the scale!  After those 2 weeks of straight gains around Thanksgiving my body was NOT a fan of me.   I wasn't a fan of my choices and felt defeated.  I need to focus now on continuing to keep up with the pace I am at right now, and at the very least maintain what I have lost.  I am now at the lowest I've ever been by a whole pound- I don't want to lose any ground!

So, what have I been doing differently?  Nothing I haven't done before- aside from so much Insanity Pure Cardio workouts.  I love some hot Shaun T, and it is a killer workout each time!  I've been really trying to mix it up and along with working up my running distances up and walking more, I have been doing a TON of cross training in the form of the below:

Insanity Pure Cardio and Max Cardio Conditioning are my favorites!

P90X Plyo <3 Tony Horton!

Spin class

Step Class

Yoga, of course!

So, to all my wonderful fitness friends out there....

What are some cross training workouts/activities you like to do?


  1. Awesome job! I love me some Shaun T. too! I was crushed when we discovered he's playing for the other team. Well, he's a fantasy, no matter what!

    1. Wait...WHHHHAAATTT? Sigh, o well. He's still some of the best eye candy around.